When I look back...

Feb 13, 2010

I want to cry honestly. I see the pictures of me a couple of years ago and I just reflect on this tool and the way it has changed my life and I just become silent with awe. As I approach year number 2 I see yall coming up behind me and yall ahead of me and I just say WOW and yeah to us all! We took control over our lives and said satan you are a liar you will not defeat me you will not KILL me by obesity.

People look at me who haven't seen me since the surgery and I still get the look of shock which causes me to take a second look because this person is the true reflection of me and I forgot the old ro in the past. It feels great to not have to work out but to want to be active...to not have to weight to buy an item but to have to put it back because its too big. I've had a stressful time at work the last 6 months and I know that in my old body with my old attitude I would be stressed to the point of having a nervous breakdown but I take it all in stride and I know that if something can't be done its not a reflection of me personally and my world won't crumble if it don't get done nor does it devalue you me if I can't get it done.  A mental and emotional weight has been shed not just what the outsdie world can see. I look forward to this next year to see what God has in store for me.


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