I'm pregnant!

May 08, 2010

Wow is all I can say!!! The main reason I had the surgery was to get healthy enough to increase my fertility and 2 years later I'm PREGNANT! I was so shocked but so excited as well!!! My husband is beyond over the moon.  I'll be 9 weeks on Monday and my due date is December 15th!!! Now, the stress begins about this first trimester and ensuring that  I get everything that me and a growing fetus needs.

I'm already skeptical about whether my OB office has dealt with a post op pregnancy before and so I will continue to go to my surgeon NUT to ensure I'm getting the appropriate vitamins (the NP told me I could take only the prenatal to replace my current regiment) my NUT told me that it was only a replacement for ONE of the multivitamins I take and to continue to take 1 multi and the 2 calciums PLUS the B12 once a week.

I also need to get up to about 1800 calories and 80 grams of protein by the start of my 2nd trimester! I get in my 60 gs and thats a challenge and I only eat about 1000-1200 calories so its going to take some work on my part.

The nausea is gone...today lol and I've dealt with the worse of the symptoms when I didn't know I was pregnant so I'm hoping the worse is behind me if I could just get some energy! I feel tottaly drained and depleted every day. But I'm happy for the discomfort because if everything goes well before the end of the year I'll be a mommy!


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