Stall over???

Mar 07, 2018

The scale finally moved some this week. 12 weeks Post op I'm down 38 pounds, 66 pounds since I started in June 2017. The Dr. told me a pound a week was good. I don't agree with that, I want it alot more. But at this point I'll be happy with any kind of movement on the scale as long as it is a lower number. 

I'm doing better Mentally... It has been so confusing trying to figure out what to eat. There are so many opinions and all of them are different. I'm tired of trying to sort it all out. Just trying to keep the water and Potein up and letting the rest fall into place.

I'm walking so much better. I have noticed that I can now go to WalMart and not have to sit down to rest. And I can stand for longer periods of time. I'm feeling so much better. 

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