Where to start... I am 26 5'6 310lbs and I have always been overweight since childhood. It didn't help that from the ages of 10-14 I was not allowed to do any sports due to hip & knee surgeries I had to have and that's when I really packed on the pounds. By that point I had gained so much that I didn't have the energy to try to play a sport. I tried every diet weight watchers,jenny craig pills etc. All only with no more than a 15lb weight loss. So in 2000 when I reached my heaviest of 350lbs I was only 19 years old and was starting to think it was hopeless until my brother's wife had a weightloss surgery the VBG and started losing all this weight. It was amazing! So I followed behind her same Dr.,Dr. David Hall in Lubbock and had the surgery I lost down to 225lbs but then I hit a plateau and even when I was pregnant with my son I only gained 15lbs. I am now at 310 and I have been this weight for the last almost 3 years and even though with the VBG I still can't eat huge amounts I can't seem to lose this weight! So my brother & sister-in-law found Dr.Alexander they loved him and have both now had their surgeries and are doing great! So I had to wait for my husbands(whom I am seperated from but on good terms) insurance to change to PPO Jan 1st but everything is looking to be a go and I will have my revisional surgery to RNY at the end of January. I am very excited and ready to be healthy so I can keep up with my 2 year old & to never have to be the fat girl with the pretty face...that has haunted me all my life "oh you have such a pretty face" I just want people to look at me and say wow your pretty!

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