I need some help

Apr 16, 2009

I am really discouraged about my journey since my gallbladder surgery.  I have gained a few pounds and seem to be stuck there.  I would like to say it's because of the trail mix I'm addicted to, but that's not it.  I would like to say it's the Easter candy I have been downing, but that's not it either.  It's like there's an emptiness in me that I'm trying to fill with food and can't find the right food to fill it.  My eating has really gone to the dogs.  I go see my nurse practitioner tomorrow and want to discuss it with her.  I did determine that while on Spring Break, I was going to slow down from the chaos of my life and address this.  I found a great group on here, Back on Track Together, which I joined and hopefully will help me refocus.  I live 2 hours away from my surgeon's support group but think I'll make another hard effort to find one in Florence.  My step-sister's death and the news of the death of a college roommate's husband weigh heavy on me.  I have a little more than a month in school before summer break and it's always hectic then.  I just want out of this slump!


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