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"When I first woke up from the anesthesia, I requested to the nurse that was monitoring me if she can contact my parents and let them know everything went ok, she said...thats your job, once you go into your room, you can call whomever you want! Being that i was a bit drowsy, I couldnt really talk back to her, but I made sure she wasnt my nurse in my private room. "

Edward Mun

"Dr. Mun is an excellent surgeon, When I met him for the first time, he immediatly made me feel comfortable about the procedure, he is very imformative, and down to business. He is not very personal, but that doesnt matter when it comes to choosing a surgeon that is very qualified to do this procedure that can change your life. He is very professional and, the day after my surgery, he came to check up on me in my room, and made sure I was taken care of. His staff is excellent, and while i was in my room after surgery, I was glad and suprised to see that about every 10 minutes, there was either a nurse, or an assistant, or a doctor, that came in to check up on me. That is great aftercare! If you live in the Boston area, and having a hard time choosing the right surgeon, Dr. Edward Mun is EXCELLENT!!"
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