Dec 02, 2008

Wow, I guess its been awhile!
I now moved back to minnesota... sw minnesota anyway.
Its so amazing to see my friends pictures on here! They all look so beautiful and loving life! Sweet!

Well according to fitday I am 17 pounds from a healthy weight... Im still over weight! I never imagined being that close to a healthy weight though.
Its cool cuz im still losing... slowly but still going at it... about 2-3 pounds a month now... Im soooo ok with that!
Somedays I feel really fat, like the old me... skin makes me feel horrible somedays and others it doesnt bother me.

I still dump! I think thats just the way its going to be! I threw up today from eating a small handfull of M&M's.  I dont even bother with much sugar anymore. It just doesnt appeal to me. I guess from being so sick off of it. But it that TOM and ya, i had to push the buck today.... oh eesh lol.

So my kids made me get some new clothes last weekend, I just dont feel comfortable in fitting clothes so im still wearing the too big ones... I wish I could get past this hump!
Much Love!


May 24, 2008

So, I sometimes feel the need to push the limits. I know it the back of my mind somethings will make me sick, yet I feel the need to have them. This morning I went to the coffee shop and got my sugar free latte, then also, I got a banana nut muffin top. I just ate half of it and now am feeling nausiated and have the chills. I HATE this feeling. I get this same feeling from sugar and milk like bowls of cereal or ice cream. ugh... I cant wait for it to be done. I will never eat muffin top again.


May 22, 2008


Thats funny, it's been exactly one month since my last post. Well Ive lost about 10 more pounds since moving here for a total of 126 pounds lost. I still have alot to lose, like 50, if that works for my body, but im still losing so that is good.
Sometimes its hard because I look in the mirror and I still see the bigger me. I dont see the loss. I sometimes attribute that to the loose skin.
I did catch a side glance of my torso the other day though while getting into the shower and noticed that its much smaller.
 My clothes fit weird like tight in some areas and loose in others, Ive yet to find pants that fit. Its like all the extra skin in my stomach area makes me need bigger jeans in the waist and then the but sags. I am hoping that as I continue to lose things will even out, or I will just end up paying for another surgery to fix that too in a few years lol.
Wyoming is beautiful. I walk as much as possible and get to look at the mountains while I do. Today is crappy though cuz its snowing!!!!! Seriously its almost June! But hubby is coming home early and im going to bundle up and he is going to take me into the mountains for a hike.

My pop thing has gone well. I kicked the habbit and have been drinking mainly crystal light and water.
I went to the doctor last week and had all my blood levels checked and all were normal including vit B. So that was pretty sweet. BP is normal and all is well. I am really glad I had this surgery. I feel really great and meeting all these new people, I dont have to think about how I look so huge anymore, people treat me like anyone else. Thats all ive ever really wanted.


Apr 22, 2008

Well its been a long time since my last post. I havent lost tons of weight.. maybe 10 pounds. Its slowing down but maybe with spring here I will get more exercise.
My mom did move in with me and my husband did find a job, in wyoming. I just moved to Wyoming on 4/17 with my kids to be with him. So heres to a new me and a new life. 
When I came out to visit him it was really nice because we went skiing and snowshoing in the mountains and did lots of things and the weight didnt hold me back, nor did i stick out like a sore thumb. 
So thats the update. Gonna go walk today. Woot.


Jan 10, 2008

Well so far ive had a depressing as hell day. I woke up with my TOM. Nice, now i for surly know why im going mental. Amongst other of my life issues, my mother called me and is going to be homeless in a few weeks and im sure is expecting me to do something about it, but my husband just got laid off again and I cant be a super hero right now.

So here are my totals for the day
Cals 647, fat 15, carb 95, protein 37
I would have liked to have higher protein but I will tomorrow as im going to start eating high protein, like meat and cheese.  Today I did liquid protein again

im at 40 oz of water down right now but have another 4 hours or so before bed to get the other 24 oz in.  


Jan 09, 2008

Well so far starting over today is going well. 
I had CIB w/ skim lactaid and 1 cappachino for bfast and I have drinken about 16 oz of water. Im truely excited, I hope it goes well.

Well I think today went super well. I was a crabby Biotch though cuz i wanted to pig out. I seriously think im pms'ing. Hence the drama fit last night. I just need to clean up my act not get all psycho on myself

my totals for today are: 
Cal:558    Fat:6    Carbs:91    Protein:43 
I did CIB for bfast and lunch
2 sf cappachino
and tomato soup 1 cup for supper. 

Im trying to give my pouch a rest. Tomorrow I may do more soup and yogurt and move up then to more protein.

Today I got.......84 ounces of water in!!!!!!
My multi vit done
and my crazy pills....
I think we have reason to celebrate... but I took the sleeping pill one too....shucks.... night gals :) Love you


Jan 08, 2008

Well I have been doing some pouch (soul) searching. I climbed a mountain looking for answers and support and I am getting them.

First of all I have a confession to make. Please dont throw stones. I am addicted to diet mountain dew right now.... how the hell did I let this happen? I drink 3-4 cans a day plus like 2-3 cappachinos (sf) a day. Thus im loading up on carbonation and caffine and im drinking zero glasses of water. I feel like I totally let this tool and myself down. I have been drinking soda for about 3-4 months and tomorrow is my 10 month surgiversary. Has anyone ever F'cked up this bad before? How holy stretched is my pouch? Do I deserve a second chance or to keep losing? Its a wonder my urine is drk yellow to light brown. I really want a do over.  Its a wonder I was stalling and creeping up. 

Last saturday I started high protien, low carb... did i mention I hate meat. Its been going well and ive been dropping weight again. Today my husband took me to famous daves for lunch and i got  chicken tenders and my side choices were the green beans and apples. I ate like 2.5 chicken tenders, the top of my corn muffin some of my beans, half my apple and part of a corn cob. I wanted to puke, holy crap. So the leftovers are in my fridge right now... I am giving them to my son. Just took a break and gave it away. 

So anyway. I want the closest thing I can get to a do over. A fresh start. Tomorrow morning as scared as I am... I am going to do a cottage cheese test. Then im thinking maybe the 5 day pouch test. But I know for sure. After today, I will not drink any more soda. And only 1 cappachino a day. and 64 oz of water a day. this is for sure. Also, I want to journal on here every day so I can be accountable to something or someone if not myself. 

Any suggestions, advice, words or pebbles welcome.


Jan 02, 2008

Well once again ive been incognito. I have moved back to my old place in the north metro about 2 weeks ago. I am really happy about that b/c I cant wait to get back to my coffee pals :)

Well i am down to 211. That is 106 pounds gone. I sometimes think it should be alot more but hey..... this time last year i was over 300 and misreable. So even if im not losing super fast im still losing and thats awesome. 106 pounds in 10 months is not to bad.

anyway ill write more later. Just a little bleep!


Jul 26, 2007

Sorry for not being here for so long. Life has had me running in other directions.  I hope yall can forgive me. 

First of all, i cant figure out how to make a pic small enough to change my avatar.  lame. 

Second I am moving this weekend down by South Dakota. Im kinda sad right now.  I will miss all my peoples.  Maybe I can join SD OH too. 

Now for the surgery. Its been going ok. Sometimes I eat great and sometimes I dont. I try regardless though. 

Im now just shy of 5 months and weigh 239. I was really excited to get under 240. Seemed like it took forever. I dont regularly exercise, but i do when i can. I hate hate hate meat so i have been getting my protien from meat and eggs. Im sure i need tons more. I love fruit and veggies now and any heavy sugary carb will make me puke. I think Im doing ok. My hair started to fall out. for the last month. All the time, everytime i run my fingers though it, clumps of hair come out. I guess there is nothing i can do but keep cleaning it up until it grows back.  Im not real sure what I should be doing now but im glad i have this place to come back to when im lost.


Apr 28, 2007

Well its a nice day and I get to BBQ with good friends! I am down to 267 wow yeah woot. I figured out with the help of a friend some better food choices. I was throwing up from meat and fish and so i was eating more carbs and felt bad about that. Now I am having egg beaters, string cheese and deli meats and that seems to be going alot better. I feel really good today, 7 weeks out now.

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