All is well...

Feb 05, 2010

Over a year and a half now...feeling great.

Steady and happy at about 143 - 146.  Size 4 pants small to medium tops...healthy, issues.


Things are great...

Aug 03, 2009

Had my year check issues, levels good, etc.  I just can't complain at all.

I found out (after testing it) that I don't dump.....a good and bad thing, all at once. 

I went to a plastic surgery consult, and I am waiting for the estimate to do a tummy tuck and breast lift. 

I am feeling pretty normal with my routine, I just make sure I measure my foods, and try to limit the things I am not supposed to eat, and so far, that has worked really well.

I haven't lost a lot of weight in the last few months, but I am happy with the way my body is feeling.  I am now at 153 and wearing a size 4 pants in most brands.  My top is still medium, but I don't expect that to change, as I seem to have a large frame, especially my ribcage.  lol.  

Anyway - I will check in hopefully sooner next time.  Thanks for reading.

Haven't posted in a while....

Apr 27, 2009

Things are just great!  I have been slowly losing and have now lost 127 lbs!  I am down to 160.

I am so excited about this whole process.  I haven't had any issues with anything.  I eat (basically) what I should...with a few treats here and there...  ;-)    I will be seeing my RNY surgeon this week ....looking forward to discussing next steps....plastic surgery. 

I am wearing a size 6 pants now...just can't believe there is no "1" in front of it....  life is good!


11/11/2008...hit my century!

Nov 16, 2008

On 11/11/2008, I hit the 100 mark! 


I am amazed at my progress, how I feel and how I look.  I am losing quicker that I thought I would.  I am please with most areas loosing weight, not much extra loose skin.(definitely some, but I don't feel like I am swimming in my own least not yet!!) 

I am almost 6 months out and feel pretty normal.  I have not had any strange side effects.  (knock on wood) I can eat just about everything I try.  I am not super adventurous when it comes to what I try.  I stick to my rules, for the most part.  I do protein first, then veggies/starch, then carbs (if any room).  I am trying to incorporate more fruits as snacks (or actually trying to incorporate snacks first, focusing on them being fruits, as well...)  I haven't yet tried anything with a lot of sugar or fat, so I don't know if I dump.  I feel like my life is too busy to even try it, as I have read on many other people's blogs that it puts them in bed for hours at a time.  I just don't have those hours!!  I focus on meeting my requirements for the day, and sometimes fall short.  If so, I try to make sure that I am extra-vigilant until I can meet all requirements. 

I have been doing lots of great stuff lately...Going to a bunch of Patriots games, some work/fun travel, a great fundraiser (for a Patriots player's foundation), spending lots of time with my husband and kiddies...and lots of shopping!  (I am a TJMaxx, Marshalls, Macy's bargain hunter....)

I am feeling great and healthy and down to size 10 pants and depending on the shirts...M or L....I am just thrilled. 

Will write again soon!

Four months...and down 80 lbs!

Sep 21, 2008

Ok - so I am one day over my 4 month...and I am now down 81lbs...but the 80lbs sounded so good to me, that I wanted to use it in the title.

I am so excited, grateful and proud that I have done this life changing surgery.   I am at the point where the struggles early on are a distant memory.  I feel as though my life is in control...simply because the weight was the only thing out of control.  I feel like I am looking more "like myself."  I didn't look like me when I was so heavy.  Funny though...I would forget that I was big...until I saw pics or tried on a piece of clothing that wouldn't zip, snap or button.  Now it is just amazing to me that I am losing weight and my body is reshaping and looking pretty good.   I automatically head toward the larger sizes, but have tried to reprogram my mind to steer away from those areas.  I was in TJ Maxx the other day...(shop TJMaxx and Marshalls all the time..)...and I figured I would try and find some DKNY jeans, as  found that the 16s fit me well, then the 14s fit me well, so I decided to pick up a pair of 12s.  They were cute, middle/low cut, flare bottom jeans.  I decided to try them on at see when I should try them on "for real."  I put them on and they buttoned and zipped with no problem.  I couldn't believe it, I almost cried.  So as a "just in case"....I picked up the other pair of size 12 jeans and tried them on.  THEY FIT.  I was shocked. I am sure not all size 12s will fit, but the two I picked out did!  I am just so excited about my progress.  Four months ago, I was fitting tightly into a 20...but really was a solid 22...  and now I am flirting with 12s.  I am at a loss for an accurate decription on my feelings.  I am in awe, excited, jubilant ....beside myself...just floored with this process. 

I will have to get my measurements for this month, and put the past measurements in a format to calculate how many inches I have lost.  I was thinking of saving the calculations for a time when I stalled or the weight came off a bit slower...not sure really if I will calculate now or save it...we'll see.

Anyway, ramblings for me to reflect on...down the road.

3.5 months out...feeling great!

Sep 07, 2008

Good things keep happening....

- Down 75lbs....
- Feeling "normal"....
- Wearing size 14s  (some still 16....buyt many 14s none the less...)
- Shopping in regular regular sections....

Just happy and feeling great.  Keeping up with protein, supplements, vitamins and medicine...just doing well.

Found Nectar latte cappuccino potein powder...delish!

Peace!  (an I mean that - - hoping for peace)


Two months out - feeling great!

Jul 25, 2008

Well, I am now just over two months out and have lost over 55lbs.  I feel pretty normal, actually great!.  I don't really have issues with any foods that I have tried.  I haven't been exceptionally adventurous because I am sticking to protein first, so I am not usually able to eat the "extras."    I have a bit of trouble getting in all my water, but try to meet my requirements everyday.  I am so happy that I had my RNY.  I am so looking forward to three months out, then four, etc...  I am looking forward to losing 100 lbs, and fitting into anything I want to wear.  I have been closet shopping and I feel like I have a completely new wardrobe.  I am wearing things that I purchased, but never wore before, because they never fit!  People keep mentioning at work how great I look, and how much money I must be spending on clothes.  lol.  

I found a great tailor in my town, so I want to bring in a few of my favorite coats in the fall to be taken in.  I have never worn three of the five coats I want to have tailored.  I am excited to see how much smaller I will be by the fall.

I am excited for football season....Patriots training camp started this past Thursday.  I am going to a bunch of games this season.  The first one is on I am going to is on Aug 22.  It is a preseason game, but I am so looking forward to it.  My husband and I are bringing our son, Aidan, for his 5th birthday - he is going to love it!!  My goal is to wear a size Medium by the end of the season in February 2009.

Take care all!

So bumps even happen to the ultracompliant.......

Jun 15, 2008

Ok - so after my "fine as wine" post, I was thrown a curveball.  I had been on my stage 3 diet (diced proteins, etc.) for three days and all was going well.  On day 4 (Thursday).  I started getting pains in my lower left quadrant of my abdomen.  I felt nauseous, tired, but mostly in pain.  The pain came in waves and got progressively worse throughout the day.  By the end of the day I was in severe pain and couldn't sit or stand still.  I was walking all over my house trying to lessen the pain. 

Normally, I would just "wait it out" - and not do anything until the next day, but I could feel that this was serious.  (I am no longer a wait it out type of girl, as you will see...)  I called my surgeon and explained my symptoms; she asked if I was that point, I wasn't.  Within another hour I was vomiting and knew it was something serious.  I called my surgeon back and she told me to get right to Brigham and Women's hospital.  She alerted the ER that I would be on my way.  Once there, they put me on an IV and put me through some tests.  (Cat scan, Upper GI, etc.)  They found that I had a blockage.  

By Friday morning at
I was in emergency surgery.  Dr. Vernon, my surgeon, whom I adore, found that I had a piece of scar tissue break off and strangle my bowel, causing a bowel obstruction.

I was in hospital until Sunday night and went home feeling sore, but otherwise ok.  UNTIL.....Tuesday when I could barely eat or drink anything and had sever diarrhea.  Dr. Vernon had me come back into the hospital and I was admitted until Thursday.  I was dehydrated and feeling super nauseous, but I didn't have the infection that they thought I might, so luckily my stay just helped my healing along the way.  

It is now Sunday and I have been home a few days.  All is going well and the weight is finally starting to come off.  

So - I am hopefully done with any surgical complications and have moved on to the lifestyle portion of this Gastric bypass.  I know that the bowel obstruction was not because of anything I "did" but rather a basic abdominal surgical complication.  I am starting a "new day everyday."  I am so thankful to be alive and healthy and moving towards even better health each day.



Fine as Wine!

Jun 04, 2008

Ok - so a bit more than two weeks out and I am feeling good.   I am on to stage three of my nutrition plan.  I have to have 4 - 2oz portions of protein, 3 starch/vegetable portions, 1 dairy portion and 1 fat portion per day.  So far so good.  I have tolerated everything very well - although I am not able to eat everything on the list each day, I am working up to it.

My two week appointment was this past Monday and it went so very well.  I met with my nutritionist and with my surgeon.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an excellent surgeon.  (Dr. Ashley Vernon)

My surgeon said that her team was actually cheering for me during the surgery, as I had followed my pre-op diet to the letter and lost over 25 lbs in 3 weeks.  My reported "fatty liver" was not fatty at all during the surgery, making it safer than expected.  I had two leaks in my new stomach, but both were fixed during surgery and I had a successful upper GI the day after surgery to ensure all was fixed.  

So - in summary - all is well.  I am resting, walking, researching, planning meals, learning to cook - and generally enjoying my new shrinking frame. 

Somewhat nervous - somewhat freaking out.....

May 19, 2008

Surgery tomorrow.  Nervous, happy, freaking out....just not sure about how I feel.  I am loooking forward to recovery, and exercise and a new (more active) lifestyle.  I am active now and chase around my 3 and 4 year old kids (and my husband - lol) ....but I want to be MORE active and be around for them.  I just can't wait to get this show on the road!!

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Somewhat nervous - somewhat freaking out.....