The Battle of Weight Loss and Weight Gain- 39 Male in Atlanta

Jul 11, 2016

Here is a little background, I have been back and forth with my weight since 2007. I have done so many diets and exercise programs over the years just to go back and forth. I have done the program at the VA twice called MOVE and had several trainers. All in all I have lost weight yet it easily comes back with some unwanted extra pounds. So I started doing some research on weight loss surgery and also talking to many people in the weight loss community on IG. I followed their journey and seen the changes that weight loss surgery has improved in the their lives.
So I decided to make some moves and go to the seminar. I must say I was blown away by the staff upon the greeting. Dr. Qammar Rashid, came in and electrified room with her knowledge about Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Rashid, gave the pros and cons of each weight loss surgery that is performed at Surgical Associates. The way she spoke with such energy and knowledge help me decide that she is the right Physician for me. So after gathering all the information that was put out, I was now confident that I was ready to make my appointment. It so happens to be that they were setting up appointments for consultation outside the room. So my consultation is June 30th, my journey begins.


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