Im a LOSER!!!!

Nov 29, 2008

Well I am home from having my surgery!!! It went amazingly well. No probs at all. The experience I had at Barix was amazing. I met so many nice people and wonderful nurses and staff!!! I weighed myself this morning ( saturday) and I am already down the 12 pounds I gained during surgery plus 3 extra pounds . I was 229 going in and came out 241 and today I weigh 226, Yeeehawww. I could do without this liquid faze but its only temporary thank goodness. I just feel the need to chew =S

Passed my PAT's

Nov 10, 2008

Well I passed my PAT's today. Everything went great, other then the fact that they found I have gallstones but the Internest said that it was fine and if Dr.Pop thinks they are bad he will just take my gallbladder out!! So in 2 weeks from tomorrow I will be back there and on my way to my new life!!! YAY


Sep 24, 2008

Well it is about time. I finally got my surgery date. I go November the 25th , yay. I was hoping for something earlier but something is better then nothing. I can finally relax!!!

Photo's and measurements oh my!!!

Sep 15, 2008

Today my hubby and I had a Photo shoot and measurement party!!! lol. I am going to post my measurments here for me to keep track of and for everyone to see my progress =)
I also posted my new photos in my before album.

Measurments as of Sept 15th /08

Left bicep =16.5 inches
Right bicep = 16.5 inches
Across chest = 52.5 inches
Across waist = 48 inches
Across Hips = 54 inches
Left thigh    = 28 inches
Right thigh  = 28 inches

Meeting Dr. Pop

Sep 13, 2008

On Thursday Sept, 11th /08 My friend Stephanie and I drove down to the barix clinic to have our consult. What a crazy fun trip we had hehehe!! Well the consult was awesome, very informative and meeting Dr Pop was awesome. He gave me the go ahead to book my surgery as I have everything done that needs to be done!!! yay. He also told Steph the same basically, once her ohip approval comes in then she is ready to book. Well we came home and the next day Steph gets called from Barix and apparently while we where there OHIP faxed them her approval LOL. So everything is turning out perfect. I can't wait till this week to get my date =)

Just an update

Sep 08, 2008

So I got a call this morning from Barix to tell me there was an opening this thursday sept 11th for my consult! I am so excited because this date will work so much better for me then on the 18th. And my best friend that is having the surgery on the 28th of Oct. is going to come with me!!! DO I see a ROAD TRIP coming ???? WHOOT WOOT..

Getting somewhere

Sep 05, 2008

Well I am soooo happy to report that I got my approval from OHIP. It was sent to me by purolator on thursday Sept.3/08 so it took just over a week to get, although the clinic has not called to tell me they got it so I called them and they told me it should show up soon and if not to bring my papers with me to my consultation on the 18th. They should be able to book my surgery then and there also. I am beyond excited =) . My family is still not supporting me , well my husband and children are wonderful and supportive but the rest, not so much. Meh, what can I do?? Its my choice, and my body, i just wish they would understand why i want to do this!!!

All this waiting makes for no sleep!!

Aug 25, 2008

Well to start off with, my best friend is also having the same surgery as I am. She has had her consultation and has got her approval and surgery date all set for oct. 28th. I am so excited for her !!! I was really hoping that I could get the surgery the same time as her. I do not have a family doctor so it i was very very worried about not having a doctor to sign my OHIP papers, I ended going up the Emergency room and they told me up there that no doctor would sign my papers. I called around to some doctors and they all said "no due to not taking any patients" I was devastated. I ended up going to my specialist that deals with my fibro and he said he would sign it with no problem, and said he thought it was a great idea for me to have it. He signed my papers, sent me for blood work and even faxed them off for me. I was so elated and grateful to him!! Now I just play the waiting game to hear from OHIP if I am approved or not!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed and my legs if i could cross them LOL.

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