Moms is makin it do what it do!

Mar 19, 2009

 Im about a week late with this post, but better late than never. My mom has crossed her one year mark. Shes really doing well. And shes dropped from a 24/26 to a 12!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so proud of her I dont even know what to do. I dont think she even remembers when her weight was last in the hundreds. Shes lost 110 pounds so far, and considering that shes 5'11 shes pretty much at her ideal weight for her height. Her whole LIFE has changed since her surgery. I honestly see a glow in her that Ive never seen before, and she dresses a whole lot nicer, she just seems to be REALLY happy. Shes pleased with the results thus far, although she did make a lil comment about not really knowing how she felt about how her face looks being so small and all. I guess you can see more creases since shes lost so much. But hey, she looks great to me!!!!! :-)



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