Jun 11, 2009

Ive been away for a while, but for a good reason. For the last couple months Ive been away shooting a TV SHOW! Im on the new season of MTV'S MAKING THE BAND, its actually called MAKING HIS BAND!!!! Diddy was looking for musicians to back him for his new album and tour, and out of THOUSANDS, Im the front runner out of the final 3 bass players for the band, and Im going to the FINALE!!!! We just wrapped 2 days ago. The finale is going to be shot live sometime in September. Diddys new album is called "THE LAST TRAIN TO PARIS" Im not sure how many of yall are Diddy fans, but this new record is CRAZY!!!! Like nothing you have ever heard before, its not even a rap album! Thats how crazy it is, for any of yall that may love 80's music (Prince, Morris Day & The Time etc.....), your gonna LOVE this record!!!!! 

The show premiere's on MTV JULY 27TH, and will air every tuesday until the finale! Tune In & TELL THE WORLD!!!!!!

As for other things, I myself am doing great, still loosing weight. I've actually passed my goal of 220, Im down to 214 now  Maybe I'll hit 210 Hmmm...... I havent gotten to work out since Ive been shooting the show, so I know if I go hard in the gym even once, I'll hit 210 easily..... They are going to show my story about loosing weight and everything on the show too, they were eating that story up,lol.... I brought some old jeans with me too, nobody on the show believed they belonged to me until i showed them a picture of me wearing them..... But anyhoo.... all is well, moms is doing good. Life is good right now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me in your prayers, I really wanna win on this show!

I posted a new pic too, I took it at Diddys House, come by and check it out......Thanks for all the love and support yall have given me, and that yall are giving me. It means alot..... Ive missed yall!



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