I am 54 years old, have been overweight all my life-chubby as a child, overweight in high school, moved into morbid obesity over time.  This year, (2007),  I woke up one morning and realized it was time to take care of me.  I've always been the caregiver-type of person.  In my twenties I married a man who was completely disabled, and of course was presented with many challenges. After ten years he left to marry someone else. I then met my soulmate, and we were married for eleven years.  He died suddenly of a heart condition in 2002.  Our son was eight at the time. Life has been a challenge for us but now, I have learned so much during this part of my life's journey.  I am now ready for the next journey, and that is my goal to be healthy and live a long life and to watch my son grow up.  I have jumped through all the hoops and begin the pre-op liquid diet on 6/6.  June 20 will be the beginning of my new celebration of life! I trust that God will help me through the journey and that all goes well.  I enjoy all the fabulous people on this website and have learned so much.  I look forward to continued and growing friendships from the people I meet.

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