I am in my late 50's & have had a weight problem my entire adult life. I have had an overeating problem since childhood! My weight did not become noticeable until my 20's after I had my children. I am tall & was very physically active so I was able to carry my weight well.

However, I was averaging a 20-30 pound weight gain yearly! I was 100 pounds overweight by my mid-40's. I began to investigate WLS thru this site back then, but my insurance did not cover it. I convinced myself I'd lose the weight on my own. What a joke since I'd never been able to stick to a diet or supervised program for longer than a few weeks!

I have continued to gain the past 10 years, and continued to tell myself I was going to lose it. Then I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2012. I was lucky I was very early stage, but I could no longer tell myself my weight was not affecting my health.

I had already started slowing down by my late 40's. No more gardening...couldn't bend or over or God forbid kneel down.

I couldn't keep up well with my brand new granddaughter...naps were for me as well as her. I began to have problems standing for more than a few minutes. My walks began to gradually get shorter...my clothes increasingly bigger. On vacations I had to plan our activities around my 'rest.'

I was also diagnosed with Afib in 2013. My life became mostly about sitting. I was becoming immobile & still thinking my most recent diagnosis would motivate me to lose weight. However, thanks to a betablocker they put me on & my still healthy appetite I began to gain even more weight! I gained 30 pounds in 3 months this past summer!

I am depressed, unhappy, tired, in pain, scared, miserable, embarrassed & feel way older than my years! I want out of this self-imposed trap, but am afraid I have waited too long to succeed if I have WLS.

How will I change such ingrained poor eating habits after 50+ years? Will I survive the surgery w/ a BMI approaching 50? Can I afford the protein drinks & other necessary items to be successful? Will the excess skin be a medical concern since at my age I am already sagging & have rashes?

I am about as serious about going thru with having this surgery as I can be. I quit my job to go on Medicaid so I could have it. I feel like I will not make it if I do not do this so drastic measures needed to be taken.

I go to my 1st seminar mid-January. I understand from there I get a doctor's appointment with a bariatric surgeon. I know who I want & the hospital I want to have it at.

I just need to get out of this depression & keep moving forward.

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