4th Dietician Appointment

Jun 16, 2015

Saw the dietician AND bariatric nurse for my 4th appointment yesterday. I feel it went really well!

The nurse explained how I might feel after surgery, recovery time, vitamins & post-op diet. She kept saying how impressed she was w/my weight loss. I told her I felt like I had kinda fallen off the wagon w/the carbs, but she kept saying 9 pounds lost in one month was great...49 overall was excellent!

I then met w/my dietician who also kept complimenting me. She downplayed the carbs I reported I had been indulging in & she told me 1) the surgery would take care of that for quite awhile due to limited food intake & 2) it is normal to go thru these cycles of cravings for many years. When I thought about that it made sense b/c I remember being taught as a drug/alcohol counselor the physiology of drug cravings...they peaked around every 90 days for the 1st year of recovery. And I am just a food addict & my drug of choice is SUGAR!

I weighed in at 301 there. The nurse also pointed out I will lose 'a good amount' during my 2 week pre-op diet as well as the 1st few weeks after surgery. So I am hoping I will have lost the majority of the weight I need to lose by October.

I keep noticing my NSV's. I had been noticing how much easier it has been to turn over in bed at night whereas a few months back I would actually have to struggle & become breathless! I can bend over easier to put on my underwear...before I often missed the openings, my balance is so much better...I used to fear falling a lot when heavier, and I just keep feeling the energy! I think I really missed that the most!

I swim daily in our backyard pool now that it is too humid to walk. I did notice a nasty fat bulge on my upper thigh that probably will sag if I lose muscle tone, but I am not in this to win any beauty contests!

So overall...all is good.

I am going to the beach today & plan to get in the water for the first time in probably 20 years. I don't care how I look to the bikini-clad, tanned, 20-something set. I have survived cancer & lost almost 50 pounds for the 1st time in my life. The haters might relate 30 years down the road!


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