Jun 28, 2015

Well I have been so proud of my daily commitment to exercise...have rarely missed a day except when not feeling well. But last Wednesday night I slipped coming down our swimming pool ladder & fell hard on my butt! Ouch! The good news is I have always carried the majority of my weight back there so it cushioned the fall & probably minimized any other damage. The bad news is my tailbone hurts like hell & I do not see myself getting back in the pool...or even walking...until it gets better. Sigh!

Meanwhile, I had planned to drop my carb intake & increase my protein come July as my September surgery date gets closer. But I am still fighting the 'sugar demon!' I have been good about not eating 'junk,' but I know even fruit has its downfalls. I am open to any feedback on this problem. Overall, I feel like I am doing as well as can be expected, but I am also venturing into new areas like eating out again. I try to make the best choices I can & plan in advance, but I have really learned restaurant eating is tricky & much higher calories than eating at home.

I am still feeling pretty good despite my fall. I feel frustrated I am feeling energetic & can barely walk to even pick up around the house. But I guess that is a good sign! I know one thing...I need to be on here everyday...to learn & for support. This HAS to be my main focus.


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