Getting Closer

Sep 04, 2015

I have really been going up & down the past few weeks. I am good for a few days...then I get on a carb roll! Mostly this is happening when we go to some kind of event. Yesterday it was taking my sister out to lunch for her birthday. I started craving ice-cream later that night, and gave in and got a small banana split. Ugh! And I always pay for it later...guilt, gas, continued cravings, self-disappointment, etc.

So I have waited to weigh myself at surgeons appointment which was today. I was surprised I lost almost 5 pounds! I think regular exercise has helped, & despite going on carb binges I have mostly stayed under my calorie goal. Except last night where I was a huge 400 calories over.

I was glad to have my surgeon congratulate me on my weight loss so far. He didn't require any. He said I should be successful b/c I have demonstrated my commitment to following my meal plans. the nutritionist...pointed out the carb cravings & 'relapses' were pretty much a matter of time. Bound to happen. I told him it was indicative of me knowing I needed the surgery...I NEED THAT TOOL!

I am feeling good that 1) I can let up on myself for feeling like I am failing b/c of the carbs, 2) the dr. said I should be successful after surgery and 3) I am now cleared to for surgery!!!


All I need to do is wait for the scheduler to call next weekend...of course the holiday weekend is going to cause a slight delay as ppl are on vacation.



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