Surgery Scheduled!!!

Sep 28, 2015

My surgery took longer to get scheduled than planned due to the scheduler being out for vacation the week after Labor Day. But I finally got my date - October 12th!

I had continued to veer off course the past 3 weeks especially due to the unexpected visit from my stepdaughter. We did a lot of eating out which is a trigger for me. I need to work on that down the road when I am on the other side. I also continued to eat a lot of carbs after she left, but did focus on eating my meals in order starting with protein and making sure I had plenty of water. I think I may have gained a couple pounds, but not much. Since I will not weigh at home I need to wait until my next doctor appointment Friday.

I had a lot of anxiety about the surgery after completing all the pre-op requirements. It kind of struck home I was really going to do this and surgery is now imminent. But the past week or so I am not feeling much at anxiety, no excitement...nothing! Weird! I'll see if that changes in the next 2 weeks!

I started the liquid diet this morning and have not had any real problem. My shakes got my protein in and the popsicles and jello kept me satisfied despite carbing out for so long. I hope it continues.

I am finally on my way! 


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