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Oct 08, 2015

Well 5 days until surgery! I cannot believe I have made it this far! I started off this journey determined to improve my health, but it has been a surreal experience. I cannot believe it has been me making...and LIKING the changes I have had to make. Most have been incredibly easy. I have ENJOYED learning things on this board that have educated me beyond belief. I am THANKFUL I know I am not doomed to a lifetime of eating tofu or other foods I hate, and I can enjoy foods I like as long as I do so in moderation and protein first...always.

I admit to cheating on my add-on diet by eating pudding, but I have followed my protein/calories and other requirements. I am 10 days in and have lost 10 more pounds! I believe I will reach my goal of losing 75 pounds pre-op by Monday...only 2 pounds to go!



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