Oct 27, 2015

I cannot believe I am finally on the loser's bench! Phew! What a journey!

I was originally scheduled for surgery on Monday, 10/12/15. However, after going in, getting checked in, going thru all the questions, etc. my surgeon came in to ask when I had my last blood thinner shot. I told him that morning. He asked who told me to take one the morning of the surgery. I told him my cardiologist. He said he preferred for the last shot to be the night before, but said taking it that morning only posed a minimal risk. I was ready to take that risk until the anesethiologist came in and explained he had some reservations and would prefer an almost 'no-risk' status, but it was up to me. I chose safe rather than sorry. Didn't need a brain bleed considering I am already half!

So I was rescheduled for Wednesday, 10/14. The surgery and 2 hernia repairs went smooth as pie according to my surgeon. I was done in under 90 minutes. I must have been very comfortable with all the anesthsia & other meds b/c I felt no pain and great that first night. Walked around, visited with family, and slept fairly well considering I was in a hospital. The next morning they advised me my heart rate had dropped into the 30's while asleep and they had called in my cardiologist. He didn't seem concerned saying the anesethia and pain meds in my IV probably suppressed my heart rate. I opted to stay a second night to have this monitored, though, again...better safe than sorry!

My 2nd night was more restless, but not due to pain. I had to pee on the hour due to the IV fluids, and damn if I was calling a nurse everytime to untangle and unhook me from the IV pole, oximeter, and my cpap machine. So doing that every hour got to be a pain! I got home Friday around dinnertime. I would have liked to sleep, but my daughters came to check on me and stayed until 9pm. Finally got to bed...NOTHING like your own bed. Slept like a peeing all!

I did feel weak and light-headed the first week. The 3rd consecutive week of liquids was getting old. I wasn't so much hungry as I was obsessed with what I couldn't have when I saw TV commercials, drove by restaurants, watched my family eat, etc. I couldn't wait to return to 'normal' eating, but at the same time I had fear of being able to do that. Miraculously, on the 7th day and transition to full liquids I began to feel stronger. Still tired alot, but not weak as much. I have done pretty well getting my water protein has been hovering around 55 when I need to be more between 60-80.

I have lost 9 pounds since my surgery date...

I am anxious to see how things play out over the next several weeks as I return to a 'normal' diet. I have felt some restriction...not uncomfortable, but a sensation telling me it's time to stop. I have burped a couple times at the end of an oatmeal or cream of wheat 'meal' which I never do. I think that means I took one bite too many!


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