well my story is almost like everyone else iam a large woman and has been for a while .but i thank  God for this opertunity to begin a new life i thank everyone for all your support and prayers i will begin a new lifestyle begining on sept.26-07 Thank you all so much may God be with us all  at all times.i will post
later.iam back 9-23 07 well i really don't no if i will have my surgery or not just 3 day away and get a cold had it for about a week.so i dont think that my dr. will do my surgery may have to cancel i will call my dr. tomorrow and let him no what is going on.wish me all the best God is good all the time and all the time God is good.9-24-07 it is on i will have my surgery i call my Dr. office and talk to them and let them no what was going on .so if nothing happens before the 26 i will be good to go.please God don;t let nothing happen thank you all again for yours prayers.hi,everyone iam back i really like to take this time out to thank everyone for there prayers and support  my surgery went very good i thank God so much for being by my side all the way God is good and loved.thanks to all my new friends thank you for your support Dr.Habson was a very sweet and careing  Dr. he is the best.i fell real good but the gas is real bad it make me fill like iam full all the time .and i can;t drink my water or shark that much.okay i will say more the next time 9-29-07well today is 10-1-07 i went to my Dr.my p c p and iam doing good for 6 days i have lost 6 pounds iam so happy have app. next monday so i see you then well on two weeks check-up i have lost 18 pounds all togetheriam so happy also the 24th will be my 53 bithday.happy b. day to me i wii have a party wish you all can be with me.my sister had her surgery on 10-10-07 and doing good RNY so until the nex time.GOD IS GOOD AND LOVED.WELL IAM BACK IT HAS BEEN A WHILE AGAIN I BEGAIN 260 IAM 218 IN 10 WEEKS IAM DOING REAL GOOD.BUT LIKE SOME OF US THE PROTEINS DRINKS I CAN NOT TAKE I HAVE TRIED SO MANNY I DONT NO WHAT TO DO.IAM NOT GETTING IT IN SO CAN SOME TELL ME SOMETHING SOON PLEASE 11-30 07A BIG HELLO TO ALL,SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO LET YOU ALL NO THAT THINGS GOOD AS CAN BE.IAM VERY HAPPY WITH MY WEIGHT.IF I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN I WOULD.IAM 170 AT THIS TIME FROM 268 IN 6 MON.TIME MY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND AGAIN THANK YOU DR. LARRY HOBSON  YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORKWELL IAM BACK IAM 130 POUNDS AND MY YEAR WILL THE 26 OF SEPT.IAM A SIZE 10 OR 8 IN CLOTHING AND IAM DOING GOOD THANK GOD. AND MY 54TH BIRTHDAY WILL BE THE 24TH OF OCT. UNTIL NEXT TIME

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