Wow what an amazing trip this had been

Jul 06, 2009

I have not been good at all at keeping up blogs.  My journey has been an awesome one.  Almost 17 months post op now and weighing in at 130 lbs this morning.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone.  Although the journey is not always easy, the end results are just fantastic!  I love shopping for clothes or even just trying things on to see how I look in them for the fun of it.  I feel so much more confident about myself.
Last Monday I just underwent a tummy tuck and a breast lift.  Now once again I need to get past the hard parts to fully enjoy the results, but wow, I cant believe I finally have a flat tummy with no overhangs.  Its incredible!  I am 52 years old and finally have the body I longed for since my late 20's.  Its hard to tell with all the swelling exactly what size I will be but before the plastic surgery I was wearing 8/10 from an orginal 24/26.  I may finish at about a size 6/8 which is just incredible to me.  I owe everything to the medical break throughs and my doctors who performed them for me.   Thank you so much DR. Katz and DR. Ellen.   You helped me get my health back!


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