Well let's see.....I was born in 1969 and weighed over 8 lbs.  Back then that was a pretty hefty baby.  I think 8 lbs back then is comparable to say an 11 or 12 lb baby today at birth!  I went from big baby to big toddler.....chubby child.....tubby teenager....and now I'm pushing 40 and it's not any better.  When I say I have NEVER been thin I'm not exagerrating.  I've always been heavier than I should be for my height, age, frame, etc.  

Back in 1996 while at work my supervisor found me passed out on the floor of the office.  At the hospital my blood sugar was almost 500!!!  Needless to say I've been on insulin ever since.  Sticking my fingers 5-8 times a day and constantly changing my insulin pump resevoir every other day or so is time consuming and a big pain in the tuckus.  I also was diagnosed with hypertension when pregnant with my second baby.  The first pregnancy resulted in a full term stillbirth so I was watched very closely.  Medication kept it under control but even after delivery it never returned to normal so I've been on blood pressure medicine since 2002.  I also have high cholesterol to add to the mix.  The diabetes has already caused peripheral diabetic neuropathy in both feet in my toes.  I am so hoping that the surgery will not only promote much needed weight loss but send my diabetes back to the stone age and by the grace of God help improve the neuropathy in my feet.

My husband, (God love him) tells me that I'm beautiful and sexy just the way I am and I know he is sincere.  I keep telling him that I'm doing this for me and my health.  I want to be around for a VERY LONG TIME.  I'd love to sit on the porch covered in grandchildren that I can spoil rotten and send home!!  LOL  Well, that's about it.  My apologies if it was long winded.  Sometimes I get carried away......

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