10 Months Out

Apr 24, 2009

Well, I am now 10 months out and my weight has not varied more than 5 lbs since December.  I went to the Unity Bariatric Center today to get a more official weight and to have my BMI measured.  The results were pretty interesting....my BMI, given the standard chart data for my height, would still be over 30.  However, my actual BMI, as measured at the Bariatric Center, is 16%.  My lean body mass alone is 200 lbs....I really am big-boned!

The last 4 months have been tougher in some ways than the rapid weight loss phase because the transformation has been almot entirely internal.  I started attending support group meetings with the Maple Grove, MN coffee folks.  For the first time in my life I have opened myself up emotionally to a few people and spent more and more time walking and thinking.  The net result of all that is that I have developed some excellent friendships and begun to accept my over-sensitive, emotional nature......something I have never really done before. 

I am hoping that I can keep up the physical discipline of water, protein, exercise and supplements.  That hasn't been too bad, really, especially the past several months.  I have found that I have stopped seeking food for comfort when I have a bad day.  The emotional stuff has been tough because at its root are my own questions about how acceptable I am as a person.  A couple of my Maple Grove coffee friends have helped me grow immeasurably in that regard.  I am beginning to truly like myself! 

Some of my biggest worries, besides the obvious one of physical discipline, are how to continue to be more demanding of people in my personal relationships so that I maintain this newfound sense of self, not screwing up the close friendships I have developed at my support group, and figuring out how to deal with increased atttention from the opposite sex.

All in all, I am doing really well and feeling better than I have in more than 20 years.  Pretty hard not to be pleased with that.

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