well it has been awhile!!

Mar 17, 2009

Well I am keeping busy working.... and I love the freedom it has given me back.... hard to beleive I am the same person I was ten yrs ago. even five yrs ago.  I am in better shape then when I was a teenager and really loving it. yeah I have the aches and pains of an older person, but the mobility of a teenager.... well to a point.. but I am happy.  Plus I lost another 20 lbs in the last year... I think that is good for 3 yrs out.... I want to lose another 20 so I am still trying...

bob and I are getting along somewhat better which is good... well at least we are not fighting all the time. I think the extra money for me working helps. And Bob has adjusted I guess what I am saying is that this changes you mentally.. Bob is a over bearing husband,  makes all the decision, no you cant do that. no we aint doing that. Well I have learned I want things and to do things and have learned to speak up... took him awhile to adjust to that but he is trying and I refuse to fight with him no more. 

Had a little trouble with tranfer addiction for awhile. but I beleive I got that under control. Had to make the decision that I didnt want to become a drunk, so stopped drinking period.  I dont need to lose this independence I have worked so hard to get back by losing drivers license or hurting someone innocent. Plus my kids need me.

My son is going to Iraq .... that is scary..... god wont give me no more then I can handle, right....


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