Sep 08, 2011

i started chemo on the 19 of august. i will have my second treatment september ninth.  the first week was hell, had a hard time eating. my intestines was tore up. my hair is falling out. easy to take care of as i had it shaved.  it is what it is. i am taking r-chop chemo. they say if you can rate chemo from a one to ten it is a seven.  i am not liking it but so far doable.  makes me weak mostly.  whoever thought i would be going through this.  i am still upset with dr. o nurse ann.  but this too shall pass. my son is home this month we have spent some time together which is nice. he bought me a new computer, guess he thought i needed it. and it is nice. but i use the old one mostly.  eating on chemo with the bypass is a challenge expecially the first week.  but so far i have managed. we will see as time goes on.  well guess that is all i have to say.


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