1 week out

Aug 15, 2008

So i'm one week and one day out of surgery and feeling pretty good. my surgery went beyr well with no problems - i walked the hell out of barix. they did have to put me onblood pressure meds whihc i had never ever been on in my whole life bec. after teh surgery my bp went up to about 140/90 whihc is really high for me - my bp is usually 80/50. but i was told to stop it when it comen down around 100. last night i thought i was gonna pass out whihc was from my bp bottoming out i think - this am my bp was back to my normal. so i didnt take it today. im feeling good though. tired of these darn protein shakes already - so much sweet stuff. i miss veggies so much. i know it will be here soon. so far so good. have to exercise more thats for sure.

2 days to go

Aug 05, 2008

Well I'm excited, nervous and just about having a heart attack all at once. I cant believe my date is 2 days away. I'm so excited to start my journey with my hubby. He is off to an awesome start - he is 2 weeks out today and down 24 pounds. We have been walking every night for an hour and also playing the wii - boy do my arms hurt after that - ha ha ha. Well I cant wait to post when I get home on Saturday. Thank you everyone for their support.

My 1st support group meeting

Jul 09, 2008

I went to my first meeting on 7/9/08 at Barix in Langhorne and it was run by Susan (cleo's Mom) and there were many more post-op's there whihc was so helpful. I love my Barix family, everyone is awesome. I will be at the post-op meeting August after my surgery. I can see how much the support helps and plan to continue. 

I also have my PAT's on Monday - im alittle nervous but I'm sure Ill be fine. My hubby is coming with me. and I have met 2 more people that will be there the same day as me. we will also support each other. 

I CANT WAIT for my NEW LIFE TO BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a date

Jun 26, 2008

Well i havent been updating too much so here it is. The ocnsult went great. Dr. Pupkova said I have to lose 3-5 pounds and have blood work done thats it. So the day I left the consult I went right to the lab and got teh blood work done. I received a call from Barix on 6-19-08 saying I was approved !!!!!!! YIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then on June 23rd they called to schedule - WOW was that fast. I orignally picked 8-21 but then found out too many co-workers were going to be out so I changed it to 8-7-08 ... My new birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next stop PAT's on 7-14. My husband was approved on 6-16 (my birthday) and he has yet to scedule bec. he has to have a sleep study. its tonight so we shall see. .... I hope all goes well for him so he can move on with me.

consult is coming on friday

Jun 01, 2008

My consult is finally almost here on friday june 6,2008 wiuth DR. Pupkova at Barix in Langhorne. This has been teh longest 3 weeks waiting for the consult. I have been reading so much and preparing so much. I'm ready for this and want it to happen NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it goes smoothly and that I get an insurance approval ... FAST. Well I will update again after the consult friday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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