Guess what!! It's been over a year now, but I've been approved. They called me today and said that my insurance approved my surgery. I go in for my consult on the 14th of November.


Oh by the way, I'm hopeing to get RNY. ---I just sort of got some bad news from Centennial about BC/BS of Michigan. BC/BS wants "documentation of professionally or physician supervised weight loss for a minimum of 12 months, must include periodic weights, dietary therapy, physical exercise and behavioral therapy." I know I have had consecutive months of physician supervised weight loss, but don't know how many months in a row I did them (meridia & xenical). As for exercise, I do that at home bicycling and swimming. Can't do others because of major head injury (post-concussive syndrome), and dietary therapy - went once, and behavioral therapy - don't know what they want there. They also have the normal requirements, such as BMI 35 or over with co-morbid condition, BMI of 40 or greater, Ages 16 to 60, Psych. evaluation, documentation that PCP and patient understand the risks and reasonable expectations, and LAP-band is covered. Guess I'm back at the drawing board at getting more doctor documentation or back to being supervised for 12 months.


I'm an official patient of Centennial now. I can now get my information on patient portal and watch what is going on. My husband and I both don't have very good patience. I guess you have to have it with this process or you'll go nuts.


I called Centennial today. They just received my packet of information in the mail today. Can you believe it, it only takes 2 days for mail to get to Michigan and it takes 5/6 days to get mail to Nashville. But GREAT, now they have my package and in a couple of days I can watch my progress on patient portal. :) As you can see I'm nervous/anxious. I'd like to get it done before we go on vacation in mid-October and be on solid foods before we go. But it probably won't happen, doctor said he is scheduling a week out. So if I could get insurance approval soon and schedule soon, maybe it could happen. :)


I sent off my packet to Centennial today. I feel a little excited, like wow I'm on my way. I also called my insurance company today, and they said they cover this as long as it is medically necessary and that there is only one diagnosis code. I called Centennial, they said not to worry they will handle all the insurance, so that is a relief. Please pray with me that I don't get into any stumbling blocks with my insurance company. Others have been approved so hopefully I will be too.


Went to the Centennial Seminar today, our speakers were Dr. Olsen and Debbie. They did a wonderful job and my husband and I learned a lot. I still have some worries or should I say I'm scared. I'm worried about the drain tubes, hair loss and of course death. My husband is a great support.

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