I just got my approval from the insurance company and have a appointment to meet my surgeon on February 12th. I hope to have my surgury by the end of February.

I had my surgury on March 12th, 2008.  I came home 4 days later. I thought I was doing good till this week. This week which happens to be my second week has not been a good week. I ended up back in the hospital on Monday the day after Easter and was released yesterday evening. I went in to the doctor on Monday because I was not feeling feel well on Sunday I was seeing spots, dizzyness etc. By the time I got to the emergency room my blood pressure was 32/17 they could not even get blood from me or put in a IV. My arms are bruised up from being poked at with needles. This week has made me think that I have made a bad decision to have this surgury. The hospital I was just in was not the hospital I was in for the surgury but it is my referrering medical insurance, how they can offer and back a surgury that the hospital can not provide support for. I was in there for 3 days. I had 1 meal the whole time I was there. They kept giving me normal diet meals. I cant tell you how many times I had to tell them I just had surgury, I am not even 2 weeks out I can not eat what you are giving me. Breakfast they brought me french toast??? They did not have protein drinks. The only thing they had was surgar free jello. Nothing else sugar free. I spoke to the doctor, charge nurse and a dietician. They wrote down everything I could eat that the surgeon had advanced me too and they still could not get it right. My husband had to bring in food for me to eat . It all came down to dehydration and that they found one of my blood pressure pills was a water pill and that was not helping me either. So they took me off all the blood pressure pills and pumped me fo 3 days with liquids and everything came back to 100% working condition.

I am home now and trying to stay hydrated and trying to keep up a good mind to continue this journey.


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