Uphill Battles...Reaching that Peak...The Journey Downward

Feb 01, 2010

This journey has its uphill and downhill paths, that's for certain.  This past week it was all uphill for me and frankly, I was getting exhausted.  I was working out every day, eating healthy, taking in all the nutrients and supplements I was told I needed and I was drinking all of the water required of me...but the scale never budged.  In fact it fluctuated higher.  My anxiousness turned into depression and I began to question if RNY had been the right choice for me.  What if I was the one it would not work for?  I had lots of questions and doubts. 

At that point I must have reached the top of that proverbial hill.  My husband suggested I take some pictures to compare how I look now to how I looked before surgery.  When I saw the changes I was in awe. 

In November 2009, my stomach was so big it looked like I was on the verge of giving birth!  My face was bloated and my upper arms looked like the balloons clowns make those twisty animals out of...No joke, it was not attractive at all!!!  Then there was the new photo, taken on the first day of February 2010.  The contrast was obvious and startling.

I now had a defined waist and my stomach was much, much flatter.  Everything was in proportion, not thin yet, but it was the first time I could see a somewhat normal physique.  My face was even different.  The skin was more taute, my jaw more defined and I appeared more youthful.  It looked like a characature of myself, or like someone had photoshopped a picture of me so I could see what I would look like as a thinner woman....weird, very weird.

But like so many pointed out to me when I shared the two photos, the progress was there.  Pictures don't lie.

Still there was that darn scale, mocking me.  The numbers refused to go down.  Then this morning I decided to see how much more the brat would tell me I had gained.  The number surprised me...it was down.

I had to double check though, so I ran downstairs and turned on my Wii.  Could it be true?  Could I have lost weight again finally?  Would I break the 200 pound barrier that had been so elusive?

The answers to all my questions were YES!  198.5!!!! 

So let this note on my blog serve as a reminder to myself and others, that for every uphill climb you travel, their is a peek you will reach at some point and then there is that journey down.