I have been over weight for years In 2001 my weight was 385 now it is over 500 lb

10/17/2006 spent all day gathering all my medical records together to take to my surgeon’s office tomorrow when I attend an in house orientation.

10/18/2006 I went to my surgeon’s office for orientation. At the orientation I met Sue she was the person who ran this orientation she was very nice and very informative on what we needed to do before surgery. After this meeting my wife I drove home and discussed out plan of action on how to pursue my surgery. In the out come we decide that I need to start going to my primary care Doctor on a monthly bases. Bye doing this I will meet my Medicare requirement to have surgery.






Hi all I have came long way got only 2 more months to go on my supervised diet with my primary care I went to see the psychologist and had my physic done. It went very well he recommend me to have surgery. I am now under 500 499 to be exact.



It is Sunday afternoon recovering form my first Oh. Conference Nina and I can’t wait to attend future events. I was welcomed with open arms at the Orlando’s event. By many fellow members and staff I would like to thank Kenneth Amy Williams’s husband for his help he was so kind he was there to help others. That had trouble walking. If I needed his help he was rite there for me. And I would like to say thanks to Bo and his famliy he very nice and inspiring to me and my wife. I go to my primary care tomorrow for my monthly visit. Wish me well. Good news is that I have lost 50 lbs now.


Went to my primary care today she was very happy about my weight loss. And I told her about obesity help and she never heard of them and was glad that I told her how the site worked and all the good things they do for us. She is going to tell other people about are site.

June 13 I just got a call from my surgons office and I got a date. july 10 2007 I will start optafast on june 26

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July 28 2007

I am now 466lbs now I have been on a liquid diet for 9 days now and doing very well on it. Getting closer to surgery date. Only 12 days to go. Got to call surgeons office to fined out if all my paper work is in. I am trying to get all the stuff rounded up before surgery date.

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