2 Years

Apr 08, 2009

Monday was my two-year check-up for my GBS surgery.  I am maintaining at my current weight range well.  I am still not down to goal BMI, but I am doing well and I am happy.  I also don't want to make drastic moves to get to goal, because that is not the way to do it right.  I am now able to determine my weight is going in the wrong direction and fix it.  I am no longer having the three p.m. shakes so I eliminated that snack ing out of my diet.  It is nice to also have curbed the emotional eating.  I just drink water like a fish (okay, coffee too) instead of mindlessly snacking. 

Recently I went on a cruise (Mayercraft Carrier) and I did fantastic with my eating.  Surrounded by all-you-can-eat food day and night and I did well.  I kept with my yogurt breakfasts and most, if not all of my lunches were salads with some sort of protein.  One day I was forced to dismantle a gyro to steal the chicken out of it.  Dinners were chicken or fish as well and vegetables.  I gave over my starches to my sister to eat (which she did willingly :))  The only night I splurged was a day I didn't eat lunch (GOOOOOOD learning lesson:  Eat three meals a day and you won't devour your dinner).  The splurge was a slice of "diet" cheesecake.  I took maybe 4-5 bites of it and pushed it away.  Damn straight I wanted more, but I didn't eat it because I was full.  I laughed at the waiters response to me declining bread, an appetizer and desert most nights.  It really confused them.  They looked at me as if to say, "Really?  You do know you can have what you want?"  It is funny because if I was rail thin they would understand.  I just laugh.   I did have some liquid calorie consumption, but it was a boat full of things I LOVE and I had some wine and Vodka Cranberries to go along with it.

My exercise routine is good as well.  I planned on putting it on pause during the cruise, but ended up finding other ways to get in some exercise (took the stairs, walked around exploring).  It also seemed like everything happened at each end of the boat so we were constantly walking the length of the ship.  I really enjoyed connecting with many special people on this trip.  When you meet up with people who have hearts, minds and souls similar  to your own, you brim with mutual admiration and respect and it makes you want to be around those people more.

Wow, I got off topic, but just free-thought writing.  I have been incredibly blessed with what life has given to me.  Not 100% of my life is good, but most of it is and if I can find the good, I always focus on that.


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