Exercise Part II

Apr 27, 2009

I've decided that charting my cardiovascular exercise again is a good thing.  Walking stats:

4/27/09: 5123 steps, 3.073 miles, 42.40 minutes, 4.3 mph.  The smell of the Confederate Jasmine in everyone's yard was delightfully intoxicating.
4/29/09: 4068 steps, 2.440 miles, 33.29 minutes, 4.39 mph.  Lots of people out and about in the neighborhood tonight.  I took it a little easier on the distance because my neighborhood has some pretty good hills and the 6.5 miles in two days killed my glutes...and that is a massacre. :)
4/30/09: 2653 steps, 1.591 miles, 21.59 minutes, 4.42 mph.  It is obvious that the longer I am out the slower I become.  
5/2/09: .5 mile on bike in a hilly neighborhood= 10 times as hard as walking 3 miles at a brisk pace in the same neighborhood.  It took my grace. I came home panting, but I am still going to go on my walk tonight too.  
Ok several hours later, I know why it was hard to go only a half mile...one of my tires was really low on air and I didn't notice (*blush*) no wonder it was so difficult to go uphill, it was like riding in mud.  I am glad I am not as weak as I thought I was.  So, I just got back from the walk:  FURTHEST YET and not too bad off...7167 steps, 4.30 miles, 58.36 minutes 4.42 mph (and I kept pace).  Shower time....
5/3/09: 4303 steps, 2.581 miles, 35.32 minutes, 4.38 mph.
5/6/09: I didn't do cardio on 5/4 because I didn't feel like it, and then really regretted not doing it because on 5/5 I couldn't because  it was pouring rain and I had to eat really, really well on Cinco de Mayo... :P  5578 steps, 3.346 miles, 46.01 minutes, 4.36 mph (I lost some of my zip in the 2 days booo..)
5/7/09: 4923 steps, 2.953 miles, 40.54 minutes, 4.37 mph.  Songs on iPod great for pacing: American Boy, Leavin', Summer Love, SexyBack, Mamas Room and Love Lockdown.
5/8/09: 4938 steps, 2.962 miles, 41.01 minutes, 4.33 mph.  Had to fend off the love bugs in the air and was desperately trying not to swallow any...eh, I guess it would have been extra protein if I did.
5/10/09: 4010 steps, 2.406 miles, 32.41 minutes, 4.45 mph.  I probably stepped up my pace today because it was 90 degrees outside and I was a sweaty mess and I was ready to be done with it.  I took a COLD shower and it felt so good!  I feel so strong and by the way, if you want to work on your butt, just climb hills...I can DEFINITELY tell the difference.
5/11/09: 4604 steps, 2.762 miles, 38.17 minutes, 4.34 mph.  I hate when you get a pebble in your shoe! 
5/13/09: 5070 steps, 3.042 miles, 42.17 minutes, 4.32 mph.  I was very tempted to walk through all the sprinklers I encountered on the way.  Dinner was whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, fresh strawberries (which were super sweet) and red grapes. My new thing is cold, and I mean cold, showers.  It is refreshing and invigorating. 
5/14/09:  3062 steps, 1.215 miles, 25.40 minutes, 2.95 mph.  Short walk because the bottom is about to fall out of the sky.  I had to do it today because I won't be able to tomorrow.  Wearing my 'Real Women Sweat' shirt from Women's World Gym.
5/18/09: 4527 steps 1.797 miles, 37.47 minutes, 2.877 mph.  I swear I think my pedometer is broken.  I wasn't possibly going that slow and I followed the exact same  path when I walk 2.7 miles...Something is fishy!
5/20/09: My pedometer is kaput.  I walked the 2.7 mile trek today. 


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