Wii Fit

Jan 12, 2010

I have been attempting to get back on my hard-core exercise routine that made me feel so good and so energized.  I got a really good re-start at the very end of '09 and then got sick, then the highs only got into the 40s and here we are.  As a side note, a Wii fairy made a Wii FIt magically appear at my house and I broke it in tonight.  I don't think I like this Wii Fit's attitude very much though.  Within 10 minutes, it called me overweight, uncoordinated and unbalanced; it did however tell me I did a good job at running (in place).  Hrrph.  I had been feeling like a sloth over the last few months and knew I was going to get reprimanded by my physician.  Sure enough, since she saw me last in April, 13 pounds had adhered to my body. THIRTEEN.  thirteen.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.  One thing I am really cutting back on is my wine.  LOOOOOOTS of calories in wine and I really enjoyed my wine. I was developing a wine belly.  I guess I am going to be the girl who turned wine into water! But back to the Wii, I like the format, so far, and I hope it will be something new and serve as a spring board (not a replacement).  I would like to continue walking around my neighborhood because the hills are great.  And as I've said before, I really, really want to run.  Maybe with the incremental help of  the 'Wii run' and power walking in my neighborhood I can work up the stamina to run.  Dammit,  I didn't want to write a post like this, but it is the truth and I hope the next ones get better and better.  I must keep blogging my progress because being accountable to someone, even if it is only me knowing that this is out in the ether, appears to help me stay on track.


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