Well I have gained 25 pounds.... UGHH I had foot surgery and was not mobile for 2 months... I am trying to get this off... But to add I am having a hysterectomy on 5/29 so I will not be mobile for another month or so... But I will get this weight off.....Update to follow.... 

Well everything is going along well.  I am at 168 now so that is a loss of 132 pounds.  I wanted to get to 150, but I am wearing a size 10 now and I feel really good and I am very happy

Hey all I know its has been a while since I have updated my profile so I thought I would take the time to do it now.  I have lost 126 pounds.  Wow can you believe that ??  I put on a size 10 pair of jeans the other day…  Wow that was great.  I am now walking 5 miles a day.  I love my new mp3 player it really makes the time to go by fast when I am walking.  My son is in Yorktown Va until September.  We have bought him a mustang and are taking tit to him next month.  I get to drive it around until we take it to him…LOL I am going to love that !!!!

I am really enjoying life now I can’t belive how different my daily life is now…I am wearing a size 10-12 .  I am walking everyday.

I have lost 106 pounds now.  I am having a wonderful time buying new clothes.  Well new to me I get a lot of things at thrift shops.  I seem to be dropping sizes so fast I would be in the poor house real quick paying full price for my clothes..

I have broken 200 pounds… YEA !!! I now weigh 198.  I am walking 3 miles a day .  I have started working again.  I am driving a school bus and love it !! I am wering a size 14 jeans and a large shirt.

Well I have lost 90 pounds now… I am wlking 3 milesa a day and feel great !!!!

Well I have lost 4 more pounds so that makses a loss of 84 pounds.. WOOOHOO !!!

I have lost 17 more pounds WOOOHOO !!!! That is a total loss of 80 pounds !!!

Well no weight loss this week … but I know it will come,… I am still walking everyday !!

I am down 6 more pounds… so that’s a loss of 63

I have a total loss of 57 pounds now WOOOHOO !!

Today I weighed 245 so that’s a loss of 55 pounds .  I am really happy.  I have no problems.  I am walking everyday and I am feeling really good I am a little tired but I guess that’s my body adjusting to the low amount of calories that I am eating.

I am 7 weeks out now.  I have lost 52 pounds.  I am now eating more normal things now.. This just get’s better and better.

I am now 6 weeks out and I have lost 43 pounds ..

I am 5 weeks out and I have lost 38 pounds.  I have a lot more energy now..

Had my 1 week post op today I have lost 20 pounds.. WOW….

Well I had my surgery on the 9th so far so good…

I had to change my date to 8/9/04.  My son is graduating from Coast Guard training on 7/28 so I had to change my date…

Had my pre-op with Dr. Henderson today … I am so excited !!!!

I have a date 7/22.. YIPEEEE !!!!

I am approved !!!!!

Spoke with insurance this morning and they said give them a week for review..

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