I had Gastric Bypass (roux en y) in Feb 05. I weighed 315 lbs before surgery. Feb 06 I got to my lowest weight of 187 lbs and had a paniculectomy and breast lift. In May 08 I had a son 3 months premature. I was- 200 at his birth. I was given a healthy dose of guilt and fenugreek when I was unable to breastfeed my preemie son. The nurses didn't mention that fenugreek is used to help the elderly gain up to 4lbs a week. By Aug 08 I was 235lbs. Oct 10 I had my daughter, after more than 6 months bed rest, two hospitalizations, gestational diabetes, and lots of meds, I was 280lbs.I started tackling the regain with the help of youtube, 3 hour high energy workouts, and weight watchers. I lost 40lbs in 3 months, but it was hard to do because I wasn't using my tool, and I wasn't making a permanent change. I started again Mar 13, using  the rules of the pouch & exercising 2-3 x a day for 10-30 mins. I now weigh 239, and I intend to continue making healthy choices forever. I hope to find support and support others who really want the same thing.


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