Sep 19, 2010

OK so I haven't been here for a LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE TIME:
Went to the docs for a bad shoulder and of course had to get weighed.....more than what I want but with all the STRESS EATING I've done in the past 2 month it's OK.. I was at 134.  OK so according to the charts that's bad but for me I'll take it.
OK AND I CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!! super short pixix cut. So far everyone likes it or they are lieing to me.
Will try to post a new pix if I can remember how.

End of 2008

Dec 30, 2008

Well 2008 is almost over and the scale is moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION.   I'm learning NOT TO GRAZE.  It's really hard not to mindlessly eat but I'll keep trying.

Long time no update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 18, 2008

OK so I haven't updated for almost a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things are still about the same. No complications and half of the time I forget to take my vitiamins and such I feel fine. I think a lot has to do with your doc and how much the bypass and such. I'm at 133.5 so at least it's not going up anymore. I would like to get to 125 but I just can't seem to find the time to workout and I have to go under 1000 calories to get there.  I eat normal just smaller or normal amounts. The one 'rule' I haven't broken is POP. I haven't had a soda since October 2003.
I have an apt for my 5 year check up in October so I'll see how that goes.
OK I'll try to up date more offten.
Later ME!!!!

Things are LOOKING UP!!!!!!!

Sep 18, 2007

OK things are starting to look UP. 
I'm learning to gain CONTROL of my stress eating and the scale is moving in the right direction DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
Today it read 137. 
Now I eally need to make myself get on the tread mill and WALK!!!!!!!!!!!
Later, ME

Good and Bad

Sep 10, 2007

OK the bad I'm still STRESSING A LOT about al kinds of stuff and I don't know why.  On the GOOD side I'm LEARNING NOT TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! to ease my stress. 
I got on the scale today and it said 138!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least it's moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION THIS TIME.
BAD I cant figure out how to use the 'ticker' thing and I really want to.
I really hate being so dumb at this computer stuff. 
ANYWAY the kids are doing GREAT in school. Both like their teachers for the most part. I can't beleive that we're almost 1/2 way throught the first 9 weeks. 
Untill Next Time. 


Aug 30, 2007

Without going into all the detail this has been a VERY BAD WEEK FOR ME!!!!!!!
I've been trying hard not to snack and graze and at least I've stopped gaining. I've been staying between 139.5 and 141.5 depending on the day and what I've eaten the day befor.  
Trying to get with the back to school schedule and walking again. We've had days in the upper 90's and a few 100's. 
ANYWAY........ At least I KNOW where I'm bad and what I have to do the change.   
STOP GRAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will get back to 120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 25, 2007

OK I'm a BIG TIME STRESS eater and sooo for I'm in CONTROLL this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in charge of fundraising for one of my daughters activities and there is a BIG ONE TODAY. All the prep work and such they work the Butler co fair and thring to find adults and girls to work form 6AM-10PM can be hard. Parents work kids have summer jobs, band, cheerleading etc. everyone is very busy. 
Then there is my son. His Boy Scout Eagle project is NEXT WEEK. Unlike some there is an EXACT time line we have to follow. and I'm STRESSING BIT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

ON THE UP SIDE I got on the scale today 139.5



Jul 20, 2007

OK is't SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I got to sleep in late today and I needed it. 
For me I need to weigh myself almost every day to stary on track and today I got on the scale and I was down to 141.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooooooo What I'm doing is starting to work. 
I've been on the tread mill every day so far now some days it was only for 10-15-25 mins but it's a start and I did get on every day. 
I'm going to get on today right after I finish my shake, post and computer stuff. 

It's a start!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 18, 2007

Well it's Thursday and I've made myself get on the tread mill EVERY DAY so far.  Now grant it's only for about 1 mile but IT"S A START.  I think once I get back into the habit it will be not so much of a chore. 
Also on a ++++++++++ I haven't been SNACKING as much. Again it's a start.  I've been trying to plan meals more also. I got on the scale today and I'm down 1.5 lbs. It's a start and it's moving in the RIGHT direction and not gaining. 
Until next time, 

Writing it down

Jul 15, 2007

OK it's time for me to start writing down EVERYTHING!!!
I didn't want to admit how much I've gained so I can't remember where I'm starting from sooooooooooo here goes. 
I got on the scale today and it read a very bad 143.5
I really would like to get back to 125-115
Right now I'd be happy with the 125. I know that would still be a higher BMI than NORMAL but close enough for me. 
SOOOOOOOO I want to lose a min of 18.5 lbs. to max of 28.5
I goint to set mini goals the first is just to get on the tread mill 4-5 times a week. and to stop SNACKING and grazing
Next is to lose those first 5 lbs. 
Then the next 5 lbs. 
Then the next 5lb and so on. 
Time to get on the tread mill


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