118lbs lost size 14pants baby!!!!!!

Jan 14, 2009


                                                   Jan inches lost
Arms----16-------15--1 inches off 
Calves---17 1/2---17 1/2--0 off---grrr dang  calves
Bust-----42 ------ 41--1inches off
Hips-----48 1/2---45--3 1/2 inches off
Thighs---27------- 25--2 inches off
Waist----39 1/2---36--3 1/2inches  off
Total off since last measuring 11 inches off

Total inches lost from Hips.......18 1/2 inches
Total inches lost from Waist....18 1/2 inches
Total inches lost from Bust.......6 1/2 inches
Total inches lost from thights...9 inches
Total inches lost from Arms......3 inches
Total inches lost from Calfs......2 1/2 inches
Total inches lost since surgery 55 inches!!!!

Well, tis that time again to do my updates. Its been crazy few months still but, its not stopping me from doin the right things. I've lost some crazy inches goin on 7mo post op. The weight is comin off slower and slower, but hey least there's no weight gain which Im very please to announce. I've boosted up the cardio now. I can now runnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! cant run for long but, its a start. I run 3times a week along with my regular cardio and weight lifting. I also started usin the hot box to melt some inches away. Really relaxing just sitting in there getting all sweaty and listenin to my tune. I only have 40lbs to go before my first goal. I thought I would have most of it off by now..No worries, Im just doin what Im doin and enjoying life in a size 14pants!!!!!! still crazy that I can go anywhere now to shop. I find myself goin right to the Lane Bryant and the Avenue and thinkin WTF am I doing!!!!..lol car is on auto drive to the plus size stores I guess..lol.
I got to see one of my old friends how had gastric bypass..OMGGGGG its sooo crazyyyy how quick the weight comes off. She had hers done before me and she looks even more amazing now. She looks soo much happier and Im sooo happy for her. So, check out the new pics you'll see her in one. Stay happy and be glad you did what you did for yourself. You only live once and why not make the best of it.  
Ohhh I did forget to mention I made it in a 2009 calendar the link is
www.calfepress.com/plushcatclub. Check out the month of April..thats meeeeee..hehehe the month my son and bf was born on..how cool is that.


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