Almost a YEAR

May 25, 2009


My ticker fits how my weight loss has slowed down..but, its ok..I'd rather have it come off slower now then a rapid weight loss. I've got to some point where I was getting frusterated with not lossin all the weight off in one year as I planned.. In just a few days it will be ONE year since I've had my surgery. My plan was to have 150lbs off for  my first goal within the years time. Hey Its close enough and its not quite a year we'll see what the remaining days brings me. I've lost 5 more inches since my last measurment time so least something is coming off and my size 12 jeans is proof Im losin iches they are getting soooooo totally rocks.

Im thinking this year Im hoping to start looking into having the extra skin removed. I feel I need to read more into it.. Figure how it can be covered under my insurance once I get insurance that is. Its kinda hard looking into the mirror sometimes. I was soo used to the skin being filled now its just hanging there shrinking lil by lil. I guess something is better then nothing. But I still find a happy note even when I get a lil frusterated with the extra skin hangage..I have to keep telling myself "I've come a long way in such a short time" If you really think about it. A year really isnt that long of a time. Your days are filled with more joy, more activities you lose track of how fast the days go by now. So in a nut shell, there are highs and lows with losing all the weight..but, its to be expected. I chose to do something for myself and IMMMM so glad I took that step to get where I am today. 

My BMI still says Im overweight..but, sometime this year..I'll be where I need to be Im taking it one day at a time.


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