I havent updated in awhile but...

Jul 27, 2009

I finally broke 200!!!! I am officially 195!!!! Yay Me! i have officially lost 230 total and 206 since surgery!

Some Music?!?

Apr 19, 2008

a post from a forum i saw that meant a lot to me.

Mar 30, 2008

What would you do right now if you knew that everything today would turn out perfectly? 

What project would you start?

What person would you talk to? 

What problem would you tackle if you could be assured of success?

Is there anything you're putting off because you're afraid of failure? 

Is there anyone you're avoiding because you're afraid of what they would say or think? 

There is no guarantee of success. 
But there is a guarantee that if you never go for it, you'll never have it
And even in the failed attempts, you'll learn and grow. There is no guarantee that other people will think highly of all you say and do. But that's their problem. 

Do you believe in the worth of your own pursuits?
If so, then what could possibly prevent you from following them? If you're looking for a sure thing, then here's one -- everything you achieve will come only from the things you attempt. 

In order to succeed, you must proceed. 

Today is a great day to start.

Ewww potassium..are you serious??

Feb 27, 2008

So, long story short, i started back at work yesterday. Today was going great until about 4pm when i started feeling dizzy/weak i felt like i was going to pass out. I was in the break room so i had one of my coworkers walk my back to my desk so i could sit there and they could keep an eye on me. I was unable to kick this feeling was was miserable. I didnt let anyone know but my hands and legs were having a funny feeling in them. I got off work at 9pm and i go out to my car i barley make it.. I get in my car and everything is shaking back and forth. i by this time am freaked out so i call my surgeon and he says oh its nothing get over it. if you feel too sick you need to go to the ER. after i get off the call i realize i cannot move my hands. they were frozen, i start to freak out and have a panic attack, i called everyone in my family and i finally got a hold of my brother in law who about 30 minutes later was able to come pick me up at my work and take my to the ER. By the time i get to the ER i have no control over my hands and my legs were starting to go numb. My hangs were completley curled under and my fingers were as if a rubber bad was wrapped a million times around them and i couldnt open my fingers or spread my hand. so blah blah i get wheeled in because i cant stand without falling over and im crying and just miserable and scared because i couldnt move my hands. the nurse and doctor come in and he proceeds to tell me i have a viral infection (like the flu) and i was like ummm no i feel fine SOMETHING IS WRONG, and he tells me i just need to breathe and thats why i cant move my hands. so i start controlling my breathing better..nope thats not it.. they finally get come blood after poking me like 8 times and get an IV going. I have a nurse come back 45 minutes later and tell me my POTASSIUM levels are really low thats why i lost all my hand control and the cramping was so bad. they try to give me some iv muscle relaxers and they wernt going to tell me what it was so i asked like 10 times and finally they said they were going to give me valium, and i was like umm look at my chart i am ALLERGIC to valium. the nurse was like oh i'll be back, she came back 20 minutes later with this gigantic ass horse pill and was like you need to take this, and both my sister and i informed her that i couldnt take anything in pill form i would throw it up. she didnt believe me. The nurses and the doctor seriously did not understand that i had just had gastric bypass and there are certian restrictions. finally the nurse came back in with a cup full of orange stuff. It was potassium. it took me 2 hours to get the potassium down, and i didnt get it down, i would take a sip or 2 then puke it all up,...did the nurse care NO, did the doctor come in at all to actucally tell me what was wrong with me NO. after i got all the potassium down (and by down i mean puked up in the barf bag) the nurse came in handed me a peice of paper and a prescrbtion and was like you need to go home now.. then they got me in a wheel chair and took me out to my sister car...

the potassium has helped a lot i have  more function in my hands, about every 5 minutes they cramp up and i lose control of them for a few minutes. its so scary to not be able to have any control over your body parts...
anyone else have potassium problems??

sorry it was so long i just needed to get this off my chest before i go to bed..im really upset about the way i was treated, they didnt even do anything about me not being able to walk because i am so dizzy

i should also mention, i have been taking my vitamins and calcium as directed by my surgeon and have not missed a dose and have been eating and drinking like i am suppose to also. im not sure how this happened

yummy breakfast experiment

Feb 19, 2008

    So this morning i decided to experiment

in a bowl i mixed
1 egg
2 oz canned chicken
1 slice of tillimook cheddar

then after it was all mixed i put it in my GT xtreme something (its like a waffle iron for omlets)
and it cooked till done
and OMG ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it made the egg all fluffy and the cheese all melty and the chicken all yummy, you dont even notice it in there

i think with all the protein added together its about 25g!!!

oh and i put a little dollop of sour cream on top for a little flavor

15 days post surgery

Feb 13, 2008

i tried to post yesterday of the good news but i dont know what happened
I saw my surgeon today and i have lost 28 pounds since surgery and i can eat food again!!! yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

The Calm before the storm

Jan 24, 2008

Its the calm before the storm, i am calm, at peace with myself and my decision. I am relaxed...4 days to go..

I cant sleep

Jan 20, 2008

Maybe its because im in pain from my tooth surgery or maybe its because i cant get my surgery off my mind. i have 8 days to go and my mind wont stop racing!!!


Dec 17, 2007

I got my date today and its THURSDAY!!! as in like 3 days from now!!!!
and well i kinda got all freaked out since 3 days is not long enough to find 1000 dollars for my copay schedule my medical leave and lose 5 more pounds. So! as i was freaking out running around my work trying to get everything in order my surgeon gave me  a call back letting me know my insurance company is allowing my approval to go over into the new year and that we can re-schedule in january. I was needing to get it done because my surgeon is not a preferred provider for my insurance company and after the new year i was needing to go to out of state to one of their preferred providers. Sooooo long story short the re-scheduled my surgery for JANUARY 29th 2008!!! p.s. that will be my 22 birthday!!!
happy Birthday to me.
everyone is saying how horrible to spend my b-day in the hospital, i personally think this is the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Thiiiiis Close to a date

Dec 13, 2007

I got a call from my insurance company and i will know tomorrow if i am approved or not, which is is leaning towards being approved, and well after my approval i will have my surgery before the end of the year!!! i cant believe it!!!!
its a big whirl wind!!!

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Ewww potassium..are you serious??
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15 days post surgery
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I cant sleep
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