Revision Surgery for Resteiction- Does it work??

Mar 31, 2021

Hello all. I had gastric sleeve in 2013 in mexico. At that time to office had no dietician or follow up care. I never felt the restriction others had and started calling the doctor immediately but told he gave everyone the same pouch size and it was all in my head. I met several ladies there and we would constantly talk after surgeries-- Even one year out (after all healing of stomach) they could only eat small amount and feel restriction or actual physical  pain if they ate more than a 1/2 cup to 1 cup food. This was NEVER the case with me- I had to force myself to eat less and exercise a LOT to lose about .5lb a week while they lost 2-3 pounds. It took. Me 16 months of really hard work to lose 58 lbs. and I gained it all back over the past 4 years. I take responsibility for going back to old diet and not exercising, but has anyone had the revision to mini bypass and STILL had to rely on diet/exercise as the main way to lose weight? Have you had revision and did it change gr anything other than malabsorption?? 


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Mar 31, 2021
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