Can I just whine for a minute?

May 01, 2019

OK so my husban of 26+ years and I have been trying to make more time for us as we quickly enter the empty nest stage of our relationship.  So we have date night at least once a month maybe two if we can swing it.  Soooo this weekend we had plans to go out  - not sure where but we figure what difference does it make we'll be together and we'll find somethign to do that hopefully has little to nothing to do with food.  Last time we went skaing and well lets just say one of us ended up in the hospital and it wasn't because one of us fell down ahem read first blog post.  Ouch! Anyway, we had plans as I said and I was really looking forward to haning out with my boyfriend instead of my husband. Then I get a call from my older sister yesterday and guess what?!  We now have a funeral to go to.  I hate to even think this but if anyone could weigh in on this please let me know if I am being a terrible person.  I was told the funeral will be on Saturday from 4-6PM. After that will be the repast.  Now as you all know food is a problem during this time.  That the first thing that is a red light for me then there is the fact that I really wanted to just have my husband that night and to be a girlfriend not a wife or even a family member and the deceast is only a distant cousin I haven't seen since I was about twelve. So is it really bad if I only want to hug and kiss family before the funeral.  Stay for the service then bounce? 


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