Jun 17, 2019

I have finaly been cleared to go back to the gym as long as I stay away from exercises for my stomach.  I'm fine with that and going back was like coming home.  I'd missed it due to not just this WLS but because of emergency gallbladder surgery the month before.  Anyway, I went to the gym two days ago after having lost two pounds in a couple of days but when I weighed myself yesterday I freaked because I had gained a pound despite the fact that I didn't stray from my diet and had actually been twice as active the previous day.  I know it had to due with gaining some muscle but still the scale can't tell the difference and in my head neither could I.  Weight gain was weight gain in my eyes.  Anyway, I stood on the scale today and saw that I'd not only lost that extra pound I'd driven myself crazy over but had also lost another one to go with it making my weekend weightloss a toal of three pounds instead of just two.  Talk about incentive to get my backside back in the gym again today. 


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