Sep 18, 2019

Ok so for the last two weeks I have been experiencing a frustrating problem of moving back and forth gaining and losing  the same pound and feeling frustrated.  I counted my calories and stayed on my diet and exercise routine regularly getting more than 15 hours of exercise a week.  Anyway, I just realized this mornign that one of the reasons I have been having such a problme wasn't eating wrong or not getting enough exercise ... it was constipation.  I have been fighting this fight regularly (ahem) since my surgery.  I had to start taking regular fiber in my morning drink to make sure that things are on the move.  Over the last two days things shifted and finally I'm back on track.  Is anyone else having the same problem?  I make sure I get plenty of fluids every day and my diet is still on track but I don't think I get enough fiber to make things move the way they should so I have to augment with suppliments. 

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