Munson Medical Center (COE)

"I couldn't have been happier with Munson ! "

Michael Nizzi

"I instantly felt at ease when as soon as I entered Grand Traverse Surgery. Everyone is so pleasant, the nurses were friendly.... Mary Kay (bariatric coordinator) is a sweetie and was very informative. Angie that made all my appts for pre-op testing, who was also the first one to have bariatric surgery there in TC, was more then willing to discuss her personal story with me and that meant alot. Dr. Nizzi is great ! I had been wishy washy about which surgery to have, LapBand or RNY and by the time he got done going through the surgery processes for both, I knew without a doubt RNY would be the best. He isn't afraid to put it out there and is out to strive for 100% excess weight loss for his patients. From my experience with Dr. Nizzi and GT Surgery thus far, it has been a very pleasant one and I would recommend them !"
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