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Aug 20, 2009


Here is you weekly invite from both my co-host Scott Berta and myself to come and listen to my weekly radio show “Ron Lester On line”!

Every Thursday at 8pm (Georgia) and 5pm (Beverly Hills)...oh yeah, and 1am for our friends in England.

Each week we feature a special guest, lots laughter as well as New Music and interviews with Bands and singers from around the world!


This weeks Special musical guest is “NO ADDRESS”


And as they get ready to wrap filming on the movie I just did Fat Boy Chronicles, we have special guest actor Cole Carson joining us.

If you have a weightloss story, and you want thye world to know how well you are doing...Then Call into the show!


Our link to the show is www.BlogTalkRadio.com/RonLesterOnLine

and Our direct call in number where you can just listen or discuss with us what on your mind, is....


Show Hot line# (646) 929-1466


Should you miss a show you can always go back and listen to it at anytime as a Pod Cast or simply listen to the play backs at www.RonLesterRadio.com


If you have any topis that you wish to discuss or think we should cover, please email us at [email protected]

[email protected]


We can't wait to hear from you, and ask that you help spread the word and have your family and friends come join us for the fun!


You can catch us at:

Twitter – RonLesterRadio

FaceBook- Ron Lester (also come join the RonLesterRadio fan club)

MySpace – Ron Lester (actor/comic)

Bebo – RonlesterandScottBerta

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Plaxo – Ron Lester and Scott Berta

Linkedin – Ron lester and Scott Berta


Hope this finds all of you happy and well!





We will be talking with Dr. wulkan Thurs. about Teenage Lapband

Aug 08, 2009


This week on Ron Lester On Line Radio

Made possible this week by:

Rick & Susie's Scrumptious Little Gourmet Cookies


There are so many new things going on with the show that we wanted to start getting the word out so each and everyone of you could tell you family and friends to come tune in! “Spread the Word”


Beside all the fun and joking around that makes this radio show unique, with such weekly gags as “Trailer Talk” and the “Karma Sutra Corner”. Now we will start having a weekly up date in to the world of celebrities, As well as “Soap Box” in which each week Ron Lester and co-host Scott Berta give their own personal opinion on the latest “So-called” news of the week. And lets not forget about one the most important part of the show....LIVE and “Uncensored” phone calls from you our listeners!


This week will are honored to Dr. Mark Wulkan of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the leading surgeon in “LAP band” for youth. Dr. Wulkan will be speaking with us on “Teen Obesity” as well as give his comments on the book “Fat Boy Chronicles”.


We'll be featuring New Music from “Ms. Amanda Lynn” and speaking with her about her up and coming career. As well as showcasing Musical group “NO ADDRESS”. We can't wait to speak with these guy and see what is on the road head for them.


Ron Lester On Line Radio show, as always is every Thursday night world wide. Starting at 8pm east coast and 5pm west coast just go to www.Blogtalkradio.com/RonLesterOnLine And we welcome all of the shows fans as well as first time listeners to call us LIVE at (646) 929-1466 and voice your opinions during the show.

Should you miss it, It can all be re-heard at www.RonLesterRadio.com as well as a podcast.


Come follow us on:

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If You or your band or you know of a band that should be showcased on our radio show, email us the Song and a Bio “attn. New Music” to [email protected]

Every Song will be played and every band or soloist will be interviewed Live on the show


And don't for get to check out www.RonLesterOnLine.com




Hope this finds you all well!

Jul 10, 2009

I know there is a lot of talk, both good and bad. Such is life I guess. You have to have the Ying to the Yang! LOL
Anyway should those of you that want to. I want to say feel free to call me at 646-929-1466 every Thursday and talk about your weightloss and how you are doing.  I would love to hear about "YOUR" success story or if your are in the middle of getting your surgery.....either way, You have and open and welcomed form on my radio show.
If you just want to listen, come join us at www.Blogtalkradio.com/Ronlesteronline  every thursday at 8pm est and 5pm pst
Some of you have already graced us with you thoughts and calls...Thank you! I hope to show you the same support that you have shown me!
Also if you are in the Atlanta area on July 26th, at FADO Irish Pub (buckhead area) starting at 5pm till close......I will be having a meet and greet slash early Birthday bash.  You all are invited!!!!! I will be giving out free stuff while supplies last. Hope you can make it!
Again I hope this finds you all well and Happy!

P.S. For those of you about to pour on the hate...ha ha ha haaaa    No worries! Do what you think you need to do to make yourself feel better!   ; )


Today is a great day!!!

Jun 22, 2009


I have gotten so many responses from my last posting! I understand this is going to be a love me or hate me thing. Not worried! Everybody is welcomed to believe or think what you want. Just respect my beliefs as well!
Some of you are asking some things and I want to get to them right now.

  1. I want you to understand the is no money being raised by how many people listen to my show and I have no sponsors. It is a radio show that is for fun and you know what? IT IS FUN!

  2. Why is it I don't answer every bodies question? Because some of you asked them through the OH site. I kept trying to tell people to email me at [email protected] what every you wanted to know. But some where to lazy and then got upset cause I didn't write you back here. Well unlike some people, I don't live 24/7 on the OH site and I'm not about to start. You want to talk? You know how to find me. Also I have a very busy life! So some times even my best friend don't hear from me for days! So relax!!!

No matter what! There are still some very cool people amongst the bad apples and it's not fair to you guys. That is way if you want to talk and be cool and friendly and understanding then you know that you are always welcomed to call me on the radio show!


Oh and for those of you that think I am doing this cause I think I am a celeb and that's it...well your wrong!

Yes I have a different type job that most people could only dream about, However I am still just Ron Lester from a small town in Kennesaw Georgia. I know my shit STINKS!!! And depending on which surgery you have had......So does yours! Life isn't about being better then anybody else! I spent a lot of time and money and effort to become who I am. You have to so for the A holes.....I want to give you something that a friend gave me just after I ran away form the OH group. Ready?......”Except and move on!” Life is to short to hate!

For everybody else! Thank you for being my friends I will try more to get to your question sooner (can't promise all the time). And as I said before.....I am here to get support as well as give it in what ever form I am able too.


I wish everybody the best and for all the positive feed back I have gotten and to those that gave it, Thank you! And for the one that said they will be listen to the show and or even calling in....You Rock!


I hope this finds each and everyone, Well and Happy!

God Bless

Ron Lester


www.RonlesterRadio.com Thursdays call 646-929-1466 8pm est and 5pm pst


Want to talk, call me at 646-929-1466Thurs at 8pm est & 5pm pst

Jun 19, 2009

I have so many of you that I wanted to keep friend but cause there are an equal number is very mean spirted people in the chat rooms. I left The OH family. well I am back. Fuck those that think they are better then me and turned what was meant to be a good hearted jesture into shit.  I AM NOT A WLS EXPERT! I can not preach this enough. BUT I "WAS", someone that want to make others feel good about the choice they are making in saving their lives. Now I am just "ME"! And reither you love or hate me.....MAKES NO DIFFERINCE TO ME. I didn't spend time and money to lose my weight to dsave my life only to be forced to worry about what a couple of assholes think.
Now......For those of you that want to be my friend and and laugh and have a good time and joke about all that we have gone thru or going thru then this is an invite to you! I now have a radio show on www.BlogTalkRadio.com  It's called Ron Lester On Line. the address is www.Blogtalkradio.com/Ronlesteronline   you can also find it at www.Ronlesterradio.com
I have given you a number that should you want to call and talk about your life, what is goiong on with your life, or things that have nothing to do with anything....hell I don't care if it to talk about the price of milk....Call me at 646-929-1466 on thursdays at 8pm est and 5pm pst.  Now here is the thing...you miss you a show, it don't matter! Every show is listed so if you miss it you can hear it later and even download it as a podcast should your heart disere!
So, if you are a freind and want to have some fun. Call Scott Berta (co-host) and MySelf for some good ole fun! 
Hope you guys will join us.
FACEBOOK...come look me up with [email protected] and also become friends of the show. Who Tweeter's....We do! Come look us up!
Ron Lester


I am leaving OH

Dec 29, 2008

I will be leaving OH by the end of the year. I love all of you that have made me your friend. I ask that you come befriend me on my myspace or face book. But I will let it be know that I am tried of the ass holes and negative people that seem to live in the forums and blogs. I was on here to give support and get support and because I didn't didn't word my blogs that made me sound perfect. And finding out that there are soooooo many negative people on this website, Well you win. I wish you the best and hope nothing but the best for you. Other then that, I will be doing what I do best acting and showing support to those that want it. And by moving on allows me to be able to ride myself of the heart ache that was giving to me cause I worded things in a way the folks at OH suggested!. Never again will I be so willing to open my life to people who think small and want to fine falt with everything that people who want to help, try to offer. So I am not perfect!!!!!!!  Never tried to be.
Ron Lester


Who whats to be on my radio show?www.BlogTalkRadio.com

Dec 20, 2008


Yes! I agree it has been a couple weeks (months) sense I’ve been to the OH. I now many of you have written as of late. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to get back to you guys before now. I have been inedited with fan mail these last couple of months. From my MySpace and Face book and it has been the same for those people there as well! I have been so busy trying to stay busy that I had to step back and take a personal breath! I hope you all will understand that it was nothing personal. Between spending the Christmas with out Kate and my mom as well. Well needless to say my heart has been very heavy! Anyway I am slowly coming back. And trying to stay as supportive to those that want me in their life, as much as possible. I hope that most of you will understand! And for those that want to find problems with it. Well then I would suggest you look into your own world and thank about what you would do. Either well I hope this finds each and everyone you, Well and Happy!   Most of you know that I am not really into doing a blog seems how I think faster then I type! So…I have some cool news should the lot of you that are still friends of mine what to know….. BlogTalkRadio.com asked if I would like my own talk show. And I started thinking that I would be able to reach more people and be able to get my points and thoughts out faster and with a lot more ease, with doing a Radio show that could be posted world wide. So….. Every Wednesday 7pm eastern time, I will be on www.BlogTalkRadio.com You can go to www.Blogtalkradio.com/Ronlesteronline and join me for one hour, once a week as I catch my friends up on what is new, funny and talk with special guest. I am going to be talking about my weight loss and the changes that have come with it in my NEW LIFE. The show is called…. RON LESTER ON LINE And of course you can also hear it at my website www.Ronlesteronline.com as well as my MySpace   If you guys would like the chance to be on the show….I would love to invite to send me your info.  The best way for right now is to come join my MySpace ( that means request me as a friend ) and email there all your information (Your name, Number, e-mail, and what you would like to talk about and why.) I will tell you right now that this is fun show and will stay one. I don’t bring anything politics and negativity to the show! So your story must be one of positivity! I will only accepting show ideas for those that are already or requesting to be my friend on MySpace   I look forward to the chance to talk with those that wish to be on the show. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year! And I promise I will try to get back to OH.com sooner then I have been lately! Cheers Ron Lester
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If you guys want to see the newest video I have out about my we

Oct 29, 2008


Click on the link and then watch it. It is pretty good! It was posted on bodybuilding.com. If nothing else it will show the kind of info I am will to share.  Not just to you guys you have had the WLS, but others that wounder what it's like. The funny thing is I tell more on the MONTEL SHOW which is on my website.
But taken the story to a website dealing with Body Building, brings it to others attention that have no idea what it's like being over weight.
I look forward to seeing all of you that will be there on Oct31st and Nov. 1st in Los Angeles.

I found out what I had done to me...and to all those that felt

Oct 21, 2008

After the wonderful chewing I received the other day, I decided to step away from you guys and allow the smoke to settle. While I was waiting…I have found out just what it is that I had done to me. I had the……   BILIOPANCREATIC DIVERSION with DUODENAL SWITCH And for those that live for “ALL” the information, the Procedure Type is called… MALABSORPTIVE   The funny thing is that I got off on the wrong foot with a lot of people I wanted to show support too. Only to be slapped in the face and have my hand pushed away. It’s okay! I learn some very valuable lessons. I should have NEVER used the words “I AM HERE TO HELP”. I didn’t mean to come over like I am an expert with the WLS. I am however an expert on what it is like to lose yourself after you lose you weight. I plan to still show “SUPPORT” to those that ask it of me. I also learn something I think others that are NEW to any of the message boards, JUST AS I WAS, and even to the whole OH site. When I was growing up a FAT kid, I had to develop a “THICK SKIN” so that I wouldn’t have my feeling hurt every time a skinny or “normal” looking person made fun of me or would try to hurt me. Later woman, wow that was a whole new layer “THICK SKIN” I had to develop!  Seems like as an actor I had to build one to be able to get thru it even. I have been able to share my stories and thoughts on what it was like to become a brand new, re-born man! I would have never thought I would have needed a “THICK SKIN” with “MY OWN PEOPLE’. You know….the other former fat people that have done WLS. I want to say this to all of those that were, and have been, and still are kind and supportive to me with all that was going on. I want you to know that your kind words and thoughts…where one of the few reasons I didn’t just leave the whole OH site behind me. Those that are my friends, I want to say to you right now….”THANK YOU!” I do not hold gauges and I am not going to start now. I will still be speaking at the OH event on Nov. 1st and I am excited to meet and greet everybody! Yes, that is including those that feel that my life’s story isn’t as worthy as their. I needed to learn, people regardless of size, can still be hurtful and that even now they have a fear of the new and remain on the defensive. It’s a shame that with the re-born some things can’t be changed.    No matter, I appreciate their opinions and want them to know that I learned from them.   I want everyone from here on out to think of me as just another guy. I will no longer speak of my job or try to be a celeb. Just a guy that is here to get support and give support.   I hope all of you are well! Cheers Ron Lester

I had a very kind lady send me something, that I think I will l

Oct 17, 2008

 A poem by Mother Teresa.
“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
 Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.”

So if you want to ask me for my help "I will do "my best" or the best that I can,  to help! I will still be here!

I guess if I am going to live by my own saying.."Whatever tomorrow brings..I will be there!"  Means I have to deal with those that feel they are better then the rest. Or if not the rest of us, then the ones that feel they have to be better then me. And the funny thing is didn't know I was in a computation.

Well best of luck to them and for the rest of us. I thank you for being friends of mine and......thank you for showing you care with your support.
Thank you!


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If you guys want to see the newest video I have out about my we
I found out what I had done to me...and to all those that felt
I had a very kind lady send me something, that I think I will l