Today is a great day!!!

Jun 22, 2009


I have gotten so many responses from my last posting! I understand this is going to be a love me or hate me thing. Not worried! Everybody is welcomed to believe or think what you want. Just respect my beliefs as well!
Some of you are asking some things and I want to get to them right now.

  1. I want you to understand the is no money being raised by how many people listen to my show and I have no sponsors. It is a radio show that is for fun and you know what? IT IS FUN!

  2. Why is it I don't answer every bodies question? Because some of you asked them through the OH site. I kept trying to tell people to email me at [email protected] what every you wanted to know. But some where to lazy and then got upset cause I didn't write you back here. Well unlike some people, I don't live 24/7 on the OH site and I'm not about to start. You want to talk? You know how to find me. Also I have a very busy life! So some times even my best friend don't hear from me for days! So relax!!!

No matter what! There are still some very cool people amongst the bad apples and it's not fair to you guys. That is way if you want to talk and be cool and friendly and understanding then you know that you are always welcomed to call me on the radio show!


Oh and for those of you that think I am doing this cause I think I am a celeb and that's it...well your wrong!

Yes I have a different type job that most people could only dream about, However I am still just Ron Lester from a small town in Kennesaw Georgia. I know my shit STINKS!!! And depending on which surgery you have had......So does yours! Life isn't about being better then anybody else! I spent a lot of time and money and effort to become who I am. You have to so for the A holes.....I want to give you something that a friend gave me just after I ran away form the OH group. Ready?......”Except and move on!” Life is to short to hate!

For everybody else! Thank you for being my friends I will try more to get to your question sooner (can't promise all the time). And as I said before.....I am here to get support as well as give it in what ever form I am able too.


I wish everybody the best and for all the positive feed back I have gotten and to those that gave it, Thank you! And for the one that said they will be listen to the show and or even calling in....You Rock!


I hope this finds each and everyone, Well and Happy!

God Bless

Ron Lester Thursdays call 646-929-1466 8pm est and 5pm pst


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