I first personally heard of gastric bypass surgury in June of 2002 when my then 20 year old daughter, Erin, told me she was doing research. I was not happy about it - I was a very scared mother. That July my oldest daughter Nicole was getting married so I told Erin I wouldn't even discuss it with her until after the wedding. Well that fall Erin "discussed " (she told me she was doing it) with me her plan. In February 2003 we went for her first visit to a doctor in quite some time and that began the journey. In September 2003 Erin had gastric bypass at the age of 21. About 1 week after her surgury Nicole, 23, told me she was having surgury in October. My son-in-law Charlie was wonderful to my daughter- his new bride.
Well let me tell you I am one very proud mother of both my girls. Erin has lost 280 lbs., gone through multiple plastic surguries and is one very beautiful young woman who lives her life to the fullest. Nicole lost 150 lbs., and in October 2007 gave birth to her first child, Nathaniel - who is the light of my life. They took a risk to get healthy and feel good about their lives.
So gastric bypass is no stranger to me. I went to their support group meetings ,doctor appointments, and was in the waiting room for both of their surguries. Everytime I was at an "event" someone would ask if I was considering. My response was no. Just a -  no - end of discussion.
Well it's taken me time to get to the point where I know I need to do this.
The last time I lost over 100 lbs was in 1997. My first husband died very suddenly in 1996. One day, a few months after, I was watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape with my girls. It hit me that I was the only parent my kids had so I better do something to make sure I was around. I lost 120 lbs in a very short period of time. I became obsessed - walked 4-5 miles every morning then 4 more after work. I actually kept the weight off for about 3 years when it started to "creep" back on. In 1998 I met Bill and in 2005 we were married. When we were first together Bill used to tell me I was too boney. Well he doesn't say that anymore. He is a great man and I am very lucky to have been happily married twice in my life. Bill is very supportive of my decision to have gastric bypass but I think it took him almost as long as it took me to get there.
So here I am waiting to see if it will happen - feeling very lucky to have my family in my corner. What better supporters then 2 people who have been there and done that.

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