Size 8!!!!!

Mar 10, 2009

I did it!! I'm a single digit size. For the first time since I was a little girl. I went from buying clothes at Sears Chubbies right to Lane Bryant. I am so grateful for so much especially the knowledge I have gained along the way.
I've been thinking about my goal weight 150lbs and am on the fence about lowering it. I'm leaning towards 140 lbs. That would put me at a normal BMI with a little wiggle room. Hmmmm something to think about. :)

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6 Months Later!!

Dec 02, 2008

6 months have come and gone since my big day. What a 6 months it has been. 89 lbs gone since June 2nd
I am so happy with my results. Since February I'm down 144 lbs. I was a size 30 / 32 and now I wear a size 12 or 14. I feel so much healthier and I am so much stronger. I got myself a personal trainer and for the first time in my life I joined a gym. I can run up stairs and not get winded. I have so much energy and stamina. This has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself. When I made the decision to have surgery I made a commitment to myself. I make sure that I make time to get my exercise in and that I have the proper food available at all times. It has not always been easy but it has so been worth it. When I started my journey I was afraid that if I ever "fell off" I'd never get back on track. Well on Thanksgiving I made a sugar free apple pie. I had a piece with some sugar free cool whip. It was delicious. It was the only piece I ate. That was a big accomplishment for me. I am also diligent about taking my vitamins. It's too important to slack off. I also know that when I follow my schedule I don't feel too hungry. But when I get messed up then I feel more hungry. I also know though that my hunger passes. I think about all I've done to get this far.
I am very very happy!!!

5 Months

Nov 01, 2008

I can't believe it's been 5 months since surgery. 79 lbs down since June 2nd. I'm very happy with my progress. Let me tell you though it's been work. I had a great month and it's because of my exercise. Exercise is key to getting your matabolism going. I also have realized that I could develope bad eating habits. Eating is not an enjoyable thing. Most times food just doesn't taste that good and unless I eat very slowly and chew very well, (something I'm still working on) I have discomfort - pain. So I would rather eat "slider" foods. Soy crisps go down very nicely - Kays pretzets - no problem. So yesterday that's what I had for lunch and snack. Not good!!! Weekends are tough. I do much better when I'm on  a schedule but seriously you can't schedule everyday of your life. I need to do better with this.
I have gotten used to people saying stupid things -  I was at an anniversay party and someone said when they heard I had bypass they asked their doctor if they might consider it and he said no. She told me she was looking for a "quick fix" and "easy way out". You know I didn't even bat an eye - I gave no response. I will no longer waste my time with ignorant people.
What I'm not comfortable with is people asking me how much I way or what size I'm in. Who does that???? And people telling me to stop loosing or to try not to loose anymore in my face and neck. Like I can control this. I know that in time everything will even out. It's very normal to look a bit disproportioned in the beginning. Geez I've lost 134 pounds in under 9 months.
I also survived turning 50. Theysky didn't fall and I'm very happy to say that I feel better at 50 then I did at 30.

On the flight home...

Oct 13, 2008

I crossed my legs!!! hehehehehehehehe

So I flew today and...

Oct 09, 2008

I fit in the seat!!! It was fantastic. I had to pull the seatbelt tighter insead of asking for an extention. I could put the tray table down, the middle arm problem. This was so cool. I felt comfortable in my own skin. Finally.


Sep 26, 2008

I made it to onederland!!! I had set a goal to not weigh 200lbs by the time I turned 50 and I made it....weeks early to boot. It's a great feeling.

I had no idea

Sep 14, 2008

So last night Nicole and I went to the Rockingham mall to shop for new maternity clothes for her. When we got there she suggested we go into Lady Grace. She said "Seriously Mom you need new bras". She made the lady measure me. The sales lady comes back with a 38 c.  I was shocked and I looked it. The woman said Oh relax we can go down I size if we need to. I was like no no I can't believe it's this small!! I've been wearing a 44 c. She was shocked. She asked who much weight I had lost. It was really very funny. When I started my journey I was wearing 48 c bras. It's absolutley awsome!!

It was cool!

Sep 09, 2008

Today while at work a vendor who I have not seen in months stopped in my office and said with a big smile, "Oh I'm sorry I was looking for Rosemary - this used to be her office" Then he asked what the hell I did to loose all this weight. It was a very nice compliment and actually made my day. It still makes me smile just thinking about it.

I started with my trainer. Can you say sore. The lunges and squats are killers. So aren't the sit ups. And staying on that ball is so tough. But I felt so good that I did it and have made this comitment. It poured today so I didn't get my walk in. Had a meeting after work so got home very late.
Tomorrow is another day. Down 112 pounds. I'm very happy about that.

12 weeks

Aug 24, 2008

I can't be;ieve it's actually been 12 weeks since my surgery. I have had a very good experience so far. I am very cautious about what I eat. I progressed slowly. I figure why rush. I saw Jackie the nut of Thursday and she said I need to intoduce carbs - whole grains, some oatmeal, sweet potato, low fat wrap. I asked how many times a week and she said everyday!. I don't know about that. Some days I'm not hungry and it's hard enough to get in my protein. Constipation is an issue - like most WLS patients. I've been taking 3 Dulcolax a day and then every 3 days drinking Smooth Move tea. I love protein ice cream!! I don't eat it everyday because I want it to remain a treat. So much of this is in the head. Many nights when I walk in the door from work I immeadiatly think I'm starving. Well really I'm not. I've leatned a couple of tactics from the support groups. When I think I'm hungry I actually drink fist then wait my 30 mins. Funny how I'm not hungry after that. I sometimes eat to fast and pay for it :(. Well now I try to look at the clock and note the time and say I better be still eating 20 mins later. It really helps me out at lunch.  I started strenght training about 10 days ago. Funny this week I only lost 1 pound. After I did my lower body I could barely walk for days. I am starting with a trainer next week. I'm sure my "form" is way off so I'm really looking forward to working with her. No since in doing it if you're doing it wrong. I walk at least 5 days a week as well. 
Would I do this again? ABSOLUTELY. My daughter needs my help right now. She is having some complications with her pregnancy. I am able to do her laundry, ironing, cook, and take care of Nate. 6 months ago forget it. I physically would not be able to do it.  Not to mention that I feel so much better about myself.
I don't ever want to forget how difficult it was in the beginning so I wrote about the tough times in a journal. I ended each entry with I'll never go back. If I feel myself slipping I'll read those pages to remind myself.

I'll never go back!!

The Journey

Aug 03, 2008

Well it's been 9 weeks today sincy my surgery. It has been a journey that's for sure. I've lost 42 lbs since June 2nd and 97 lbs since February - my first visit with Nancy. I've progresses very slowly and have not had any issues with my pouch. The thing that surprises me is how tired I still feel and how little strength I have. I used to think of myself as a strong person but I was confusing mass for stregnth.I have a lot of muscle aches and wake up stiff in the morning. I'm getting old :(.  I just started to introduce veggies and some fruit. I still struggle to get in all my water but I am able to now take a bigger sips so it is getting better. I am very happy that I decided to do this. It's wonderful to buy smaller clothes and just feel so much better abouth the way I look. I no longer feel like the biggest person in the room. There is something freeing about that.
So everything is going well. I'm starting to feel hungry at times but I'm not sure if it's real or not. It passes. I still eat only 3 times a day and could probably increase it but I really want to get the most out of the first few months.

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