Today is Nov. 17, 2006 !

I am a 53 year old wife, mother and grandmother to the sweetest children.  I have been overweight since I had my first child 34 years ago and had gained more with the next two.  I, like everyone else have been on a roller coaster from then on. I have spent my whole life working with children. Now that mine are all grown up and out of the house I have been working for years as a nanny.  The time has now come for me, to take care of me.  I am so nervous but excited at the same time to start my journey with a new me and weight loss.  This time I know it will be gone for good. My husband will be a great support buddy for me. We got married when I was 17 and he 19 so we have really grown up together. He has never had a weight problem. Lucky him!! But has stood by me through thick and thin. I have a lot of medical issues and want to rid myself of all the drugs. So now my journey has begun. 


Dec. 18, 2006

I received a call from my surgeons office.  I have been approved by Cigna Ins. for surgery. I have a a appointment for Jan. 3, 2007 and will receive my surgery date.  I am excited but at the same time very scared.


Jan. 8, 2007

Well I am finally almost there. I am scared to death but deep in my heart I know all will go well. I have only 4 days now to prepare. Trying to get things done at home to make it easier on Tom and be ready for when I get home.  I have read every book I could get my hands on and when I went to the Drs. last week I had to take a 25 question test. He was happy and said that I was one of the very few that has ever scored 100. I was pleased. Lord knows I have read and studied the books to know what I am doing. I will make sure and take pictures and say a lot of prayers.


Jan .11, 2007

I am all set for surgery tomorrow. I am so nervous but know I am doing the right thing.


Feb. 14, 2007

Today we are having a blizzard.  I will be 5 weeks out of surgery on this coming Friday. On the day of surgery ( Friday ) I couldn't wait to just be put to sleep I was so nervous. Everything went great until I started drinking.  On Sunday I got sick and had to go for X-rays. They discovered an obstruction. So it was back into surgery for me. I again was nervous. This time they had to do an open surgery.  I came through fine. I stayed in the hospital a total of 6 days then came home on a Thursday. Well they told me to walk, walk, walk and that I did. Well come Friday I had to go to the emergency room because my legs were like cement blocks. I had to have an ultrasound to check for blood clots. Well after 5 hours I was sent home and told I had been on my feet to much.  Then the following Wed. I noticed a big bulge at the top of my wound where they had opened me. Sure enough I had an infection. I had to go see the surgeon and have it drained. Ouch that hurt !!  Then I had to have the visiting nurse's come to irrigate and bandage me for 2 1/2 weeks. Now I am finally healing up. The hole which was about 1" X 1 " is now closed. Thank God. I am starting to feel much better and have lost 23 pounds since surgery and a total of 44 pounds since Sept. Well enough for now.  


March 5, 2007

Well I went to my PCP last week and have been taken off all my diabetes medicine. My blood work revealed that my Cholesterol is now 158..down from 213. 

My triglycerides are now 165 down from 318. Still a little high but much better.  I am feeling really good. A little sore from exercise but will get there. I have been at a plateau for 2 weeks and was quite discouraged but know that the scale will move again.. It just has to !!  Well bye for now.

March 12, 2007

Well I made it. I am now 2 months post op. I can't believe how fast it went. I am doing okay I guess. Still a tiny bit sore where my incision had an infection and had to close on it's own. The Dr. said it takes time. I am still not losing as fast as I want. Was beginning to worry that it's not going to work for me. I guess this is just part of it. The weight will come off. ( So I've been told ) I have lost 26 pounds since surgery and 47 since Sept.  Time to go pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food to see how much weight I have been lugging around !

April 7, 2007

I am feeling really good. I am still a little dissapointed that I have not lost more weight but the Dr. said I am doing good.  I have now lost 35 since surgery for a total of 56 since Sept. 2006. I have cleaned out my closets twice and actually started to purchase a few items. Everyone says I look good. So I guess it shows. I need to exercise more. So I will start working on that. We are going on vacation at the end of the month. Hopefully it won't be to hard to find food I can eat. Not that I can eat much. I am sure this will be different than other vacations.  I have more energy and just a good all around felling about myself. It is a good feeling !!

April 24, 2007

I am so excited!! I weighed in today and I am 168. I haven't been in the 160's since I had my daughter Jodi 22 years ago. Took me long enough to get back my pre pregnancy weight !! LOL. 

Each day I feel so much better about myself. I have gotten rid of a ton of clothes. I am now in a 12/14 jean. I have been buying X Large shirts. I was a 22 pants and a 2 X or 3 X shirt. I take measurements next month. It will be 4 months May 12th. We are going on vacation. It will seem nice to wear some decent clothes.

May 7, 2007

Well I am doing good and had 2 wow moments last week.  First of I was holding Sadie my granddaugher on my lap and noticed how close she was to me.  I now have more lap area !!  
Also while on vacation Tom wanted to get McDonalds. I ate in the car first and then went in with him.  He sat at a table with the little twisting chairs that I never could fit in comfortable. I would sit sideways and act like that is how I had wanted to sit. Well I sat down and was surprised to find I could even swing the chair back and forth and had plenty of room for my tummy.  WOW !!

May 24, 2007

Well I hit 160 yesterday. I am feeling really good. I can't seem to get a lot of different foods in. But I have always been a picky eater.  The weather is getting better and Nettie and I have been walking 2 miles at evening. I think this has helped. We have been doing it about a month now.  I sometimes feel very confident as to the weight loss then I look in the mirror and seem to think I am still fat. I wonder if reaching goal I will feel any different. I am just so glad I had this done and now I wish I had done it years ago. Oh well I am now feeling better about myself.  I would like to lose 40 more pounds.  They tell me I will stop when my body wants to stop. We'll see. But for now I am really happy. I could never have lost 72 pounds on my own. Lord knows I have tried many times. 

June 5, 2007

Well it has taken 3 weeks but I have now gotten to the 150's. I am 159 pounds. I can't remember when I was this weight. I am feeling so good. I am trying to get more exercise. Everyone that hasn't seem me in a while all ask " have you lost weight" " Oh my God you look great. It is hard for me to take the compliments because I am used to hearing "What a pretty color on you."  But I will adjust and would love to help other people on this journey. I am so happy. Will go to my nephews wedding in July and a lot of people have not seen me yet.  So I need to go shopping a week before to make sure it will fit.  See you Lighter. :-) 

June 13, 2007

I went to my PCP yesterday and she was very pleased that all my blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes have come back normal. I now weigh 156. Yesterday I went to Wally World and got some cheap stretch shorts to wear around the house. I couldn't believe that the size I got says SMALL ( 4-6 ). I still say I am a medium but I will wear them and say they are small.  My pants that I have been wearing are all starting to get baggy on me. I am wearing a large top now and think I will take some of the others in so I can get more wear out of them.  If I never lost another pound I can truly say I am happy with what I have off. My friend and I walk every night and last night we walked 3 miles.  I can say it is a lot easier to walk now than it was 9 months ago. I would never have been able to do 3 miles.  So for now we will keep up the 3 mile pace and see where we go from here. I am sure not the Boston Marathon!!  LOL 

July 12, 2007
I am not sure where I want to be writing all this stuff but will write here too.
Taday is my 6 month anniversary of my surgery.  I am so very happy. I can say if I never lost another pound I would be glad. I am so happy to be off the medicines and sleep machine. My actions on my appearence is so much better. I always try to look my best. Even if hanging around the house. I am down 64 pounds since surgery and a total of 85 pounds as I had lost 21 before surgery.  My BMI was 42.4 Extremely Obese and now I am considered Overweight at 26.9. I believe 24.9 I will be known as Normal. I think I will go buy a new outfit to celebrate my day.  See you in a few months. Can't wait to see where I am by then.   




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